Heavenly Father, 

Your Word proclaims that all things work together for the good to those who love You, and I know this is true, because You've prove this to me everyday.  So, Lord I know in the midst of my marital crossfire, You are working things out for our good. Regardless how much conflict began; I ask you to please bless my spouse, and help me to see them as you do.  Father, please allow Your love to overwhelm us and fill us with Your compassion.  No matter what happened, I will not allow dissension to drive a wedge between us, for what You have joined together, we will not allow the enemy to separate.

Lord, more than changing my spouse, Father, please change me.  I want to be more like You.  I ask in the name of Jesus, for you to cause me to decrease, so that You may increase.  Please bring my flesh under submission to the Holy Spirit.  Search my heart and go deep within me and purge me of any pride that prevents me from being part of the solution rather than the problem.  Lord, I am not perfect, and I can't say that I have no liability in our disagreement.  Open my eyes, and convict me of my sin.  Fill me with Your humility in me so I can openly confess my wrongdoing and be restored. Touch my spouse, and please open their eyes so they will be aware of their part in our conflict.  Lord, change them as you change me; so when we come together, we can both openly ask for forgiveness. 

No matter how hard I try, no matter how well I can argue, I am incapable of changing anyone, including my spouse.  Therefore, I release them to the conviction of Your Holy Spirit, and I bless them in the name of Jesus. I lay aside all anger, wrath, resentment, and offenses of the past.  My love keeps no record of wrongs but always protects, always trusts, always hope, always preserve.  Itís to my glory to overlook an offense so I forgive my spouse for any hurts that have been inflicted, whether accidental or intentional.  I place a hedge of protection around my household, so that the enemy would not have a foothold in our marriage. Show us that we are on the same side fighting one opponent.

The wisdom that comes from above is willing to yield.  Grant us Your wisdom to discern between good and evil.   Lord, restore us so we can live together again in agreement. Strengthen us and draw us closer to one another, in Christ Jesus.  I pray that Your peace will flood our souls this day and dispel any darkness the enemy has cast over our home. 

Lord, I thank you for hearing my prayer this day. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.