Ref. Scripture: Col 3:12-14

Heavenly Father,

You are the architect of relationships.  You created Adam and Eve to commune with You.  Yet, even that relationship, the very first relationship, broke down because of sin.  But through Your Son, Jesus, You have reconciled us to Yourself.  Lord Jesus, just as You broke down the wall of separation between God and man, so I ask You to break down the wall that separates me from my friend.  In the same way You are committed to me, I am committed to this relationship.  So I ask you to please mend our broken friendship.  

Despite the wounds that have been inflicted and the words that have been said, I sincerely desire to see our differences resolved.  But apart from Your mediation, it won't happen.  Tear down our strongholds of offense that have been erected and send the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, to counsel us in putting on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering and love, which is the bond of perfection.  

Grant me the capacity to assess myself with sober judgment so I can take responsibility for my actions and inaction.  I repent of any pride that may have contributed to our separation.  Please replace my selfishness with the fruit of the Spirit.  Soften the heart of my friend.  By the power of the Holy Spirit speak into his life and show my friend anything he may have done to cause this division.  May we humbly come to each other with the desire not only to be heard, but also to hear, understand, repent, and reconcile.  

Lord, use the restoration of our relationship as a means to bring glory to Yourself.  May we walk together, arm in arm, to show the world the power of Your love to overcome any conflict.   In Jesus name I pray, Amen.