Scripture ref: 1 Sam. 15:23, John 10:11-18


Heavenly Father, 

You above all, understand the aching in my heart.  You promise in Your Word that if I train up my child in Your ways, when they are older the will not depart from it.  I have made my ways, Your ways Lord, and Iíve taught my child to do the same.  But now, Lord the enemy has come between me and my child and You.  There are rebellious attitudes, defiance, and disobedience to Your ways.  I realize that according to Your Word, rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as idolatry.  You rejected Saul from his place of privilege because of his rebellion, and I am concerned that You may reject my child for the same reason.   So, by the power of the name of Jesus Christ, I take authority over the spirit of witchcraft in the life of my child.  Satan, you have no right to establish residence in my childís life.  Be gone in the name of Jesus.  

Jesus, purify and make holy the heart of my child.  May they seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness, fulfilling Your purposes, and not their own purposes or the enemyís.   Lord Jesus, Youíre the good shepherd, and You gave Your life to bring the stray sheep back into the fold.  Like You, I desire to do whatever it takes to bring my child, Your prodigal sheep, back into Your fold.  Please grant me Your wisdom to know how

Forgive me, Jesus, for allowing worry and anxiety to overwhelm me regarding my childís rebellious ways.  Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light.  Therefore, I give You this weight bearing down on my shoulders.  Because You are slow to anger and abounding in mercy, I trust that You will preserve my child in spite of their rebellion, and that in due season, Your presence will increase in their life.  Bring  back to my childís remembrance the loving sound of Your voice.  As You call out their name, may they follow You, the Good Shepherd, back into Your fold.