Scott Hicks

Notice: "This is not an attempt to collect a debt--it has already been paid! This is an employment opportunity to collect what is yours!"

God began to show me the above statement after He spoke to me about some things below.

God only collects our souls, our spirits, our praise, and our worship to Him. I think that He seeks for those things in us, so that He can perfect them. Scripture says in Matthew 21:16, "...Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise...." Our praise is perfected by Him. Our praise and worship is collected by Him. It is not perfect when it leaves our mouth or even our heart and spirit. It is perfected when it enters His ears. It is perfected when He collects it from us and it is transferred into His possession.

God is not trying to collect your debt that He has already paid for. God is however desiring for "us to see what we truly have" since He has already paid our debt in full. I wonder how much more effectively we could change this earth, if we took a hold of all the resources that are already ours?

Everything IS Ours!

I was thinking of something the other day that many would say is crazy, but I was thinking by inspiration from above, "Everything that the secular world has should have been a Kingdom thing first!" Every building; every business; every idea; every corporation; banking system; and all the way down to children's playgrounds!

We should open our eyes and realize that everything is ours! We don't need to let the secular world do it first and then copy it. We need to sow the tithe (10%) of our brain (that scientists say we use) into the Kingdom of God, so that we can reap back a harvest from that tithe, which is the "Mind of Christ."

Someone recently reminded me that the same field the owner sowed wheat in, the enemy came and sowed tares. And that you couldn't tell them apart, until they matured; then you could tell them apart by their fruit! Until that time, we are seeds growing in a field of mixture, being discipled by God to maturity, so that we can bear our fruit. Point being, we are in a field of mixture with seeds that the enemy has sown along with what the owner of the field has sown. We cannot allow the seeds of the enemy to take our soil and nutrients from us any longer!

I'm convinced that not all of, but many of the secular things of today should have been invented or birthed by the body of Christ. Many secular business owners and inventors are of Christ, while some are not. But those that are not, somehow got the revelation, the understanding, and the drive to accomplish the tasks of success. I wonder at times how this could be? Is it that the body of Christ has neglected such things, or is it that the ungodly has entered in another way and discovered a divine secret that was meant for the body of Christ? Both may be the case, however, by the latter suggestion, the ungodly have climbed into the sheep fold some other way, rather than through Jesus Christ!

I feel that God is shouting a wake up call to His body, in order that we may discover these resources that are already ours and use them effectively for the harvest. We often talk about how we could do much more if we only had much more, and God is saying loud and clear right now, "The Much More is already ours!"

We have now heard about it, now we must see it, then reach for it, obtain it, and inherit it. What happened to possessing whatever our feet tread upon? What happened to knowing that our God desires to do "EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, ABOVE, ALL WE CAN 'ASK' OR THINK...?" (Ephesians 3:20.) God desires to do so, as we do one thing--"ASK." Our Father will not give us a bad thing when we ask for a good thing.

Alright church, let us act upon this and show the world the Mind of Christ as we sow the tithe of our mind into the Kingdom! The time to take back our turf (soil) has come upon the wheat of the field!

God is Saying to Us, His Children

"If My children would only open their eyes a little wider, they would begin to see that their Father owns everything! If they would only anoint their eyes, they would see the streets of gold that they even walk on now! And if they would only bring light into the dark areas, they would see their hearts are already as mansions."

"If you would only quit blinking, you could see the miracles that take place every split second your eyes are closed. I have purposed to release those things to you, which you have longed for. I have already purposed that the things that are Mine, are already yours!"

"I say now, 'Open your eyes, reach out and take hold of the things you have desired for.'"

Still Worshipping,

Scott Hicks
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