Shirley Lise

Households of faith will rise up. Whole households shall be saved in a day! The movement of My Spirit is out into the highways and byways, out into houses and homes. I shall flood whole neighborhoods with My love and mercy and pour out upon them the oil of joy and spread out upon them the garments of praise.

This is a day like no other. This is a day when I shall move in to accomplish all I have promised. The poor wanderer shall find a home. He shall enter the gates of My Heavenly city and take up residence amongst My Elect. He shall thrive in an atmosphere where My presence resides. He shall be filled with the joy of the Lord and walk in wholeness. Is this too great a task for Me, My daughter? I shall set the prisoners free and set their feet to dancing. I shall, indeed, open prison doors, and out the prisoner shall walk! I will snap ancient bands and set at liberty those who were bound.

This is a day of joy and gladness, a day of opportunity, a day of fulfillment of promises, a day of rejoicing in the Heavens as the prodigals stream home to the Father's house. This is the day of My vengeance on all that has held My people captive. I will come with a sword to break loose every fetter. I shall triumph over injustice and set at liberty those who could not free themselves. Trust Me. Walk with Me and watch Me take down mountains as I march through the land unhindered. I am a great and mighty warrior. I am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am the great I Am, the Lord of Hosts is My name. So you see I have arisen from My resting place and have made war with the enemy, to crush him beneath My feet, to rescue the perishing from his grip, and to establish the law of righteousness in the hearts of multitudes in this day. I am gathering in My Elect from the four corners of the Earth. The winds of My Spirit are blowing over all the Earth to bring in the harvest from the nations.

Sons and daughters shall sit and rule with Me. They shall acknowledge Me in all the Earth and every knee shall bow before Me. This is the day of a great turn-around.