Patsy Shelton
Sep 13, 2003

Ah the day is here, the time is near
Running, running, people running
To be near their God.
No longer running away, because
This is a brand new day,
And I am working in a new way.

Running to Me, coming to Me
Only to be near, because of the fear
Into My fold they will come
And I will cover them with the blood of My Son
Oh a harvest is coming to Me

There have been those that have seen
People running in horrible scenes
But into the arms of a loving God
They didn't see them running
Into the Ark of My Safety
And running to Me.

Ah what a day, Ah what a time
When people will run to the
Cross-of My Son
They will be humbled, bow down and say,
"It's Jesus Christ that we need in this day."

These are those for which you have prayed
And in your heart didn't think they would come
But you will see throngs of people running to Me
To abide in the shadow of My Wing
You've never seen such a wonderful thing.

As people's and nations bow their knee
And confess My Son, their God He will be
My, my, my, Hallejauah's you'll hear
Angels rejoicing as these draw near.
A sea of lost ones coming to Me

When darkness comes they will run to the light
They will be received, and they will be renewed
These eleventh hour workers that I've saved for this time
To partake of the goodness and glory of God
Running, running to be set free.

Free of the burdens of this world,
Free of the sin that has held them back
Free to be who I've created them to be
Because their kingdoms will be tumbled
They will have need of Me
And I will receive them and set them free

Running they will come and quickly they will grow
Oh the revelation of My Kingdom that they will hear
Will even cause them to grow in leaps and bounds
Because My faithful ones have had a hearing ear.
To teach and to guide these along the way

These will not stumble, Oh they will not fall
They will be rooted and grounded in all that I've shown
Not the old things, but yea the new
Oh the preparation, I have prepared My faithful ones
With a hearing ear, to cause these to quickly learn
Of the Kingdom of God.

What a day of rejoicing, Oh gladness you'll see
As even a sea of people come running to Me
Man will not taint them or touch them you see
They will belong only to Me.
They'll glory in My presence, and glory in My Son
This is the work that I have done.

My Spirit is hovering, and moving to bring these to Me
And they will come not with pride and arrogance
But on bended knee
Their tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord
Oh your world, it's about to change
But a sea of people will come running to Me.

They will come through the blood of My Son
For that's the way, into the presence of a Holy God