A Season Of Abundance and Release
Musa Opiyo

I am breaking the strong gates of iron that have been over My people. I am bringing release says the Lord from the hand of the oppressor. No longer shall you be stolen from or overpowered, for now I am come with My strong hand to rid My people of the giants in their land. I now call you, My victorious people to rise to the occasion and walk in My freedom. Walk in the Jubilee season for what has held you back has been destroyed. You have My anointing that has broken the yoke of the enemy. No longer shall My people groan under the spirit of heaviness for I have released My Joy over you. Rejoice, even shout for joy, for I have overcome all your trials and all that has beset you and I have given you the victory. As you stand in My authority and walk in My presence, you will see the dark clouds of discouragement and despair dissipate as My Son (Sun) shines upon you. Along with My Son I am raining down My Holy Spirit afresh upon My people to give you a season of refreshing.

For many of you, you have been in the desert where you have been tried and tested by My Spirit. You have come to know that it is not by might or power but only by My Spirit that you can live, breathe and have your being. You have by experience come to know My Spirit as your Sustainer and your source of Strength. That I AM your Provision. That I AM your Everything. Yes, you have come to understand the concept of Me being the vine and you being the branches and the fact that without Me you are disconnected and without stable ground. It has not been easy but I have led you by My wisdom as you simply trusted in My ability to lead you day by day. You are now coming to a season of abundance both spiritually and physically yet My beloved the principle of complete trust in Me is still vital. The enemy wants to distract you and lead you into passivity while he plunders you, yet I call you to be alert concerning his wiles. As you remain in Me and allow Me to be your source, I will lead you to your abundance and give you the wisdom. I will open your eyes to what the enemy is doing so that you pray accordingly and take action. For indeed the year of 2005 will be a year of abundance, an expansion and an explosion of more. It is also a year that I am training My people to war in the Spirit on a higher level than they have known.

Be ready! Be strong and courageous and do not lose sight of the vision. In all your endeavors I am with you guiding you by the Holy Spirit if you will listen to My voice and take heed. Great things are coming for My people says the Lord.