by Maria Magruder

You are living in the day of appointment of My Spirit. For I have many divine appointments for you and through you. I will fulfill My purpose in you, displaying My power in you to build My kingdom. For I have prepared a place for every son and every daughter in purpose. You are called to purpose.

This purpose and destiny can only be found in Me, for all things work together for good, to those who love God, to those who are the called according to My purpose. I will fulfill My purposes in those who love Me.

There have been those who have been discouraged and frustrated in the building of My kingdom, in waiting for their destiny and their purposes to arise. There has been resistance in everything you do, for the enemy has had assignments to frustrate your purpose and destiny, and has caused delay.

Rest assured, I have seen your heart, and your heart's desires, and there is a tree of life before you. For your appointment draws near. For I have prepared My plans, and who shall frustrate them?

For I have sworn that as surely as I have thought out the plans and purposes for you, so shall it come to pass, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand! No mountain can keep you from your purpose; no enemy, no devil can keep your from your appointed time and destiny in Me.

My children understand that you are called to purpose. You are called to destiny, and you are entering a time of appointment with Me. There is a "set time" for your purpose and destiny.

Do not let the enemy frustrate you in the building of My kingdom. Know and understand that there is a time for every purpose for every destiny and for every work under the heavens.

Do not be weary in well doing, for in due time you will reap a harvest greater than you can even conceive in your mind or contain. For even Sarah conceived and bore a son in My timing, not her timing.

She tried her timing for her destiny and purpose and stepped out of My plan. For I had a set time for her, and My word came to pass and her appointment was met. For I am not a God that I would lie to you. I keep My appointments.

There is a set time for your appointment, call, and purpose. Trust in Me, trust in the steps and places I am taking you. Don't go the way that seems right to a man or woman, but go the way of My Spirit and anointing.

For it's not by your might that you can make your appointment, destiny, or purpose come to pass, or by your strength, but it is by My Spirit.

It's My Spirit that will guide you into all truth and freedom, and make your paths straight.

For there are many parts to My body, and therefore many callings. For I am about to breathe over all the kingdoms of the earth. I am assigning calls, purposes and destinies to occupy these kingdoms.

For all things I have created in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers.

All things are created through Me and for Me. I am about to breathe on the financial kingdom like history has never seen. For all the wealth of the earth belongs to Me.

I am about to breathe upon the entertainment /Hollywood kingdom, I am about to breathe upon the music kingdom, for I created music and sound. For My Spirit will move over ALL the kingdoms of this earth, and I will move many of you into these places in your set appointment with Me.

Overnight many of you will find yourself in the financial kingdom, occupying and building My Kingdom with these finances. Many of you will find your income more than tripling in the months to come.

Many of you will find yourself caught up in My "suddenlies" in these different kingdoms and wonder how you got there so quickly. There will be anointed psalmists and worshippers that will find themselves thrust into the music kingdom, and proclaiming My name, My glory and My kingdom to the world.

You will see anointed young men and women arise from all parts of the globe that will step into the music kingdom and baffle the world with their anointings and giftings I have placed upon them.

And as you enter these kingdoms of the earth, lifting up My name, that all mankind would be drawn unto Me by My Spirit.

Rest assured, you have an appointment with Me. You have a day of visitation and all that I have spoken to your spirit will come to pass, for My purposes will be fulfilled in you!