The Acceptable Year of the Lord, and the Day of Vengeance of Our God
Patsy Shelton
Aug 26, 2003

This afternoon I saw something in my spirit.. I saw a “town crier,” and he was walking up and down streets calling out, “Judgment is coming, judgment is coming.” Then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say:

I have cried out by the mouths of My Prophets and foretold of things to come. Through them I have warned, corrected, rebuked and called out “Turn ye, turn ye.” Yet My people that are called by My name hearkened not to the voices that I have caused to be heard across this nation. They have turned a deaf ear, and even said in the face of their God “judgment will not come for He is a God of grace and a God of mercy.” But, I tell you that it is time to lament like a virgin girded with sackcloth for the husband of her youth.

This is the acceptable year of your God, but also the day of My vengeance, and it will come swiftly and it will be strong. I am about to do awesome things, and awful things. And there are those of little understanding of the knowledge of their God, and when the devastation comes, that has already started, they will say that is the enemy that has done these things. But, as I live saith the Lord God the enemy was defeated for My Son made an end of Him. That which is about to come upon the earth, will come at My hand, for I love justice and I hate injustice. I love obedience and hate disobedience.

It is time for the elders, ministers, and the daughters of Zion to give themselves to prayer, fasting and weeping at the altar of their God. Again, as it was in Moses day, My heart is grieved over the unrighteousness of My people. My heart is grieved that they refuse to walk in My Ways. And so, I will give them over to the lusts of their hearts, I will remove My hand of protection, and I will bring devastation.

I am the Lord God, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have revenge on whom I will have revenge. Oh what I am about to do, the likes of it has never happened in this nation before. A nation that I created to fulfill My purpose, and a people that I created to complete My work in the earth. But, this is a people that honor Me with their mouths, but their heart is far from Me. The people of the House of God have become to me an abomination.

I tell you that were it not for the remnant who belong to Me, spirit, soul, and body. I would quickly make an end of it all. My sword is drawn, and I will not put it in it’s sheath again. In many lands and amongst many peoples there are already famines, and pestilence. There are those nations and peoples that have forgotten the Living God, and in blatant acts of rebellion have rejected Me, and caused My name to be a curse in the earth.

Oh the acceptable year of your God is upon you, but the vengeance in My heart against unrighteousness and the rebellion of man is also here. I am about to do awesome things and awful things, saith the Lord God. Watch now as these things spring forth.