An Extreme Time of Testing
Patsy Shelton
Oct 14, 2003

Itís time for a turn a round. As I live, saith the Lord God, things are about to turn around. This time has been a time of extreme testing. My people have been tested in their relationships, financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There has been much adversity in the lives of My people, and to some they were even feeling overwhelmed. I allow My people to be tested, so that they will see what is in their hearts. But, this time of testing has brought great growth, and new perspectives in many areas of their lives.

Even My Son was tested for 40 days in the wilderness, and when the testing was over He returned to Gailee in the power of the Spirit. My servant Job as tested, and tried in every aspect of his life, and his end was better than his beginning. I allowed Saul to pursue David, and it was the greatest test of his life. Having been pursued by the King that he was devoted to and loved, and not take revenge upon him by taking his life. My Son was constantly testing the hearts of His disciples. They would witness one miracle after another, and then when the time came for the next miracle, they would doubt.

And so it has been with My people through this time of testing. Oh to go from faith to faith, and glory to glory there will always be test. It is a part of the maturing process, and with each test, and each season of tests, they grow stronger. They come out of the wilderness leaning on Me as never before. They come out of the testing knowing Me more intimately than before. They come out of the test seeing their weakness, but having a new experience of My strength to carry them through.

This time of testing is nearing an end, and My people will never be the same. It will be for them as it was for My Son, they will come out in the power of My Spirit. There end will be far greater than there beginning. And they will receive a double portion.

Count it all joy, rejoice and be glad for the time of extreme testing is coming to an end, and nothing will ever be the same. Great growth has taken place in the lives of these, and many have been promoted from faith and into the glory. Ah, for My people, saith the Lord God, the best is yet to come. Showers of blessings are coming to My people, great growth has taken place, and My winds of refreshing and renewing will cause them to soar to the next level in their walk with their God. Before promotion, and the inheritance of the promises, there are always times of testing. Watch now for I will cause the circumstances and situations of the testing to bring them forth in the power of My Spirit, and to make the end of the time of testing, better than the beginning, saith the Lord God.