Chariots of Fire
Patsy Shelton
Sep 25, 2003

I have chariots of fire, vehicles of the prophetic that will lead My people into the next season and into the next level of their growth with Me. Ah, the season is about to change again. New words, new direction, and new visions are coming to My people, and I will release them through prophetic utterances.

There will be fire in the words that will flow forth, and they will birth a passion into the hearts of My people that they have not known before. And this passion will even be their driving force. They will not sit silently by, and allow this season to pass them by, but they will be a manifestation of the prophetic in this season. Behold, I do a new thing again. Change, change, change is on the horizon again.

Gearing up, I am gearing up to do signs and wonders, awesome and wonderful things in the earth and in the lives of My people. And the fiery prophetic words that I am about to release will bring great change into the hearts of My people, which will bring great change into the physical realm. Oh, I tell you that this is the season that My people have anxiously awaited. Those hearts that have been anticipating the wondrous things foretold that I would do. Ah, they have even been waiting for this impartation that would come into the earth in this day, and in this time.

Cloven tongues of fire, and the fire of My Holy Spirit will encompass these round about. They will be lost and engulfed in the fire of their God. No, this is not the Refinerís fire that I speak of but rather a fire to fuel the flames of signs and wonders in the land. Fire breathed into the earth by My Spirit through the prophetic. I have done this before but not in this generation. But, I have chosen My People to be partakers of this great move of My Spirit. This is the generation that has sought me with all their heart, soul, and being. This is the generation that has worshipped Me in spirit and in truth.

Worship in this season will reflect this change, and prophetic worship will come to the forefront, fueled by the flames of fire. Worship that will bring man to heaven and God to earth. Worship that will even cause the realm of the third heavenlies to become a place of habitation for those with hungry hearts and thirsty souls. And this worship will even create an atmosphere, and atmosphere that will allow signs and wonders to become normal. An atmosphere where creative miracles will become normal occurrences. Oh, the likes of what I am about to do man has not witnessed before, and My people will be amazed and in awe.

Watch now as the season changes again, and I release chariots of fire that will fuel the flames of signs and wonders.