You Are On The Winning Side
Musa Opiyo
May 15, 2004

Stand and declare My promises before the face of your enemy. For you shall stand boldly before your adversaries and demand a recompense of all that was stolen, yes, even that which the locust, cankerworm and palmerworm consumed.

You shall contend against the demonic forces and you shall subdue your enemies because I have given you the victories. It is imperative to understand that your enemy is not your brother or sister, that one who does not agree with your views or one whom you do not see eye to eye with.

Remember, My children, that your war is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of this world. To your natural eyes you fight an unseen battle, yet in the Spirit you are waging fiercely against the enemy of your souls.

Fear not the enemy's empty roar, for it is merely his way of intimidation to drive you back and to prevent you from moving forward into My plan and purpose for you.

You are a city set on a hill that is shining My Glory throughout the whole earth. You are those who are victorious and who will not back down at the threats of the enemy.

I have place you strategically where you are and equipped you with sufficient tools with which to do My work faithfully.

You are not where you are by chance or accident, but I the Lord have led the course of events in your life according to My purposes to refine you and to prepare you for what is ahead.

Don't give up now. You have come this far and have won many victories to take a second glance back.

The past is the past, and I have made a way for you to go through unhindered but your eyes must be focused upon Me so that your faith is focused and steadfast. Remain planted in My word and in prayer.

Call those things that were not as though they were. My Word carries creative power to turn an obstacle into a stepping stone over the stumblings and into My way.

Arise, fearless warriors. Go forth equipped with My Word and the strategies which I shall show you. I have given you the victory.

Accept it, take it and declare it says the Lord.

Musa Opiyo