Deep Waters of Sorrow


So many of My children are drowning in the deep waters of sorrow.  What you ask are the deep waters of sorrow?  It is when My own begin to look back and dwell on what they have lost through their own mistakes, through disobedience, or by the hand of the enemy.  Then the deep waters of sorrow begin to slowly pull them away from My presence and into the realm of darkness, or depression. This water of sorrow is stale and stagnant and will drain the life out of all that are in it.  

Lot ís wife could not let go of the past and had to look back one more time.  It literally took her lifeÖdestruction came.  Eventually the deep waters of sorrow will do the same to My own if they do not let go.  Come out of the past and into the future where there is vision, and hope again. How can My Holy Spirit restore and renew when My own have allowed themselves to be swallowed up by yesterday.  Yes, there was pain and there was sorrow but My Son bore that pain and He bore that sorrow.  There is healing and restoration available if only My own will once again choose to allow Him to be their Redeemer for He has redeemed them from yesterday.  He will again bring them into their future.  

Lay it down; lay it all down, saith the Lord. My own have held onto things just like a child holding on to itís favorite toy.  They have become comfortable holding onto the past for it is familiar.  Lay it down at the foot of the Cross and My Son will take it upon His shoulders as He did before.  

If My own will lay down the burdens of their hearts and the brokenness of yesterday then We will come to them with a wind of renewal and refreshing and that which the enemy meant for evil will be turned to good. If they will come out of the deep waters of sorrow We will heal, and restore their broken spirits and they will soar again and My Spirit will manifest Himself to them as never before.  Come into this new day and into the Glory of your God for the old has passed away and behold I desire to make all things new.  I desire to rescue My own from the deep waters of sorrow and renew them with living waters.