Divine Connections
Patsy Shelton
Nov 11, 2003

Divine connections. In this season watch as I bring divine connections into the lives of My people. And My people will know that they are joined to these with which I am divinely connecting them, but they will know not the reasons for the joining. And as the relationships grow, the purpose for the joining will be revealed. Oh, there will be multiple reasons, and the joining will be for My divine will to be accomplished in these relationships. These will not be relationships where one is the giver, but I will join My people together with others, for mutual giving. There will be no takers in My Kingdom, only givers.

Although, these relationships will sometimes be for the purpose of funding the work of My Kingdom, they will also be for bringing healing to those that have been wounded in My Body. I am breathing on My people, and I am resurrecting everything that is dead. I am breathing on finances, life will come to the broken hearted, life will come to those that have lost their vision and lost their way.

I am through these divine connections, even resurrecting that which has been lost in My Body, and that is covenant relationships. Those whose hearts are sealed in My heart, and they understand the depth and the importance of relationships and commitment. They will be devoted to those that they are in relationship with. Their hearts will be to help others be all that they can be, with no thought of their own well being. Everything that is done in these relationships will be done as unto Me, and there will not strings attached, no false expectations.

There are those among My people that I have healed, and they are made whole to the Glory of their God, and I will divinely connect them to others in My Body. As these connections are made there will come a unity and a one ness that has long been lacking, and that I have longed for in the midst of My people.

This year of preparation has gone much deeper than My people realize, but the fruit of it is to soon be manifestated in divine connections, and covenant relationships.