Divine Encounters and Divine Connections
Patsy Shelton
Jul 13, 2004

I am building My church, saith the Lord God, and I will set the foundation through divine encounters and divine connections. No longer will man put things and peoples together and say that I have built the house. But now I will through divine encounters begin to divinely connect My body in such a way that no man will glory and no man will promote others or themselves.

Many of My own have some confusion as to why they are where they are. This repositioning has been at My hand for My divine purposes. Now My plan will begin to unfold and that which has been confusing will become very clear and My purpose for these moves will unfold.

For many this has been a very difficult transition but a very strategic one that I had planned in order to bring together those that I chose to connect. I am connecting many teams together that have different anointings and callings. As they minister together they will flow as one. Each person will bring to My table their special giftings and I will intertwine them with the giftings of others and there will be such a flow that it will be difficult to determine where one person's gift started and another's stopped.

Among these that I am connecting through divine encounters there will be no jealousy, or striving but there will be unity and harmony. They have come through this season of crucifying their fleshly needs, wants and desires and have set their heart in one accord with My heart. Their only ambition is see My will and My kingdom come in the earth. They have become to me vessels of honor and they will bring honor to My name.

I am joining hearts together and building relationships. This work that I do has just begun but it will begin to be manifest among My people. These will pour the oil and the wine out of My cruse and as they go forth in My name and with My anointing great miracles will be manifested for signs and wonders will follow them. They are made whole in Me and now I will through divine encounters and divine connections cause them to be made known in the earth.

A new day has dawned and the womb of the morning is bringing forth the sons and daughters of the Most High God, and I will divinely connect them and they will flow as one.

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