Do Not Be Afraid, Only Believe
Lonnie Mackley

My precious child, some of My most effective trials come at some of your weakest and most vulnerable times. They come at times when it looks like all is lost and that I have failed you, but I would say to you this day, "Do not be afraid, only believe". Believe that I am the God that can bring new life out of apparent death and that although you may not understand why something bad seems to happen, that I can bring ultimate good out of it, which is the growing and development of your faith in Me.

Remember in My word when the rich man's daughter died, or when I allowed the storm to look like it was going to swamp the boat that had My disciples in it? These things were allowed to happen so that My power and glory could be displayed in these situations, and so that their faith in Me could be increased by the miracle that I did for them. I brought that man's daughter back to life and I calmed the stormy sea just when it looked like all was lost. Do you think that your current situation is so different?

You are standing at the threshold of a glorious time of restoration, joy, and harvest in the kingdom, but right now you are facing what appears to be an impossible situation where it looks like I have abandoned you. Do you honestly think that I would abandon one that I love so much as you? I definitely would not, My love. I would call you this day to have faith in this dark hour and to trust in who I am. Remember all that I have done for you and My constant faithfulness and mercy to you over the years.

This is your day to stand, My child, not a day to sit or to turn back in despair, doubt, or discouragement. You are My child and I expect you to act like My child by having faith in Me when things look their darkest. Remember all the great compassion and mercy I showed you when I saved you, and how I have lovingly cared for you over the years. Why would I leave you now in your day of greatest need? Again I would say, I would not. Put on your armor this day and get ready for battle, for this is a day of victory, and not of defeat. Again I say to you My dear one, "Do not be afraid, only believe", and you will surely see My salvation, blessing, and glory in this situation.