Shirley Lise

Do not be disturbed by what you see around you. Do not let your focus be on negative circumstances, for in the chaos, I am doing a great work.

I am raising up those who will be sent to the nations. There are those who have not allowed the power of My love to be at work within them, but have held themselves at a distance from Me.

These have been unwilling to let Me mold and make them and they will not prosper as I build My kingdom. They will find that they have missed something of great value. Their meager attempts to play out a role will gain them nothing.

Do not let yourself be trapped under their rule, for they are without authority from the Head and their attempts at ministry will find them lacking.

I am raising up an army of warriors by the power of My Spirit. These will go forth to storm the gates of hell and set the prisoners free.I am taking down the structure that exalts itself and raising up a building built by the Lord. Every brick is being prepared and put in place.

When the time is right, the old structure will fall to the ground and the new structure will emerge to take its place.

You will see it within your midst.

You will see a change of those in positions of leadership, for those who have not been changed by the power of My Spirit will not be able to stand in the battle that lies ahead and their intrigue will get them nowhere.

Do not be misled by these. Do not give your loyalty to these, but direct your loyalty toward the Lord your God. He is your king and you must serve and reverence Him only.

The days are coming, says the Lord, when the righteous shall shine like the sun. The glory of the Lord shall lead them and be their rear guard.

I am building a wall of protection around My people, a wall of fire, a hedge of protection that the enemy is not able to penetrate.

My elect shall go forth unhindered by the rule of the present structure, for it shall have no hold on them. It is not able to dissuade those of My choosing.

It is not able to drag them down and trample them underfoot. It has no power over them, for they have been set free from its hold, from its intimidation, and from its trickery. Its power is coming to naught.

Wait on the Lord and He shall renew your strength. You shall mount up with wings as the eagle.

You will not be bound by earthly powers, for the power of the risen Lord resides in you and it cannot be held back. It will carry you and take you where it wills.

Rejoice in this day, for it is the day of your deliverance.

Just as the grave cound not hold the Lord down, the earthly structure of men is not able to hold My people bound, for I have released them in this day to soar with Me in the heavenlies.

They will be taken far and wide into the realm of the Spirit and they shall see and hear and understand things that have been hidden from those who walk in the flesh.

They shall receive revelation upon revelation of the Father's heart for the nations and they shall be carried on the wing to minister life to those who walk in darkness.

Their words are the words of the Father being brought to the lost and the broken. They are words of life and liberty to release the prisoner and set the captives free.

The walls are cracking. The structure is crumbling. Soon the walls will be down and the liberty of the Lord shall reign and rule in the midst of the people.

I am building upon a firm foundation and the gates of hell shall not prevail against those who are called and chosen of Me.

No longer shall My chosen ones be barred from entering My holy place. No longer shall they be strapped and buckled into place by the hands of men, but they shall be loosed, declares the Lord, and they shall function in the fullness of My Spirit and in full capacity in the giftings within them.

No longer shall a few lord it over the rest, but My people shall be released into liberty and joy. I am angered and perplexed by those who have constantly held My people back, who have given rope only to pull back on the reigns.

My anger is kindled against those who have ruled with an iron fist and have beaten My people into submission to their own agendas and formalities.

No longer will these prosper, for their days are numbered and their falsehoods are being exposed.

The masks are coming off and the truth is being revealed. When the darkness is exposed, the army of the Lord shall march in and take the land and they shall reign and rule with their king in righteousness.

The day is coming and is soon here when every manmade position of authority will be trampled underfoot and the true church shall emerge victorious.

Those who have held positions of great authority and have used them to make a name for themselves will come tumbling to the ground, for their authority will be given to those who have been broken and have come through the fire unharmed.

These are ones who are able to carry the anointing in all humility. These are ones who will not contend with the Lord for His glory.

These are ones being raised up in this day to do great exploits for their king, for they understand that it is nothing of themselves, but the power of the Lord within them working through them.

These are the ones who will compose My army. Their focus is single-eyed upon the Lord their king and they will serve Him only. They have been willing to lay their lives at His feet and surrender everything to His lordship.

They have given their lives as a living sacrifice unto the Lord. Their joy is in His coming and they long for His appearance.  These are the ones worthy to be used of the Lord in this day. These alone are worthy to carry the power and authority of Christ being released in this day.

These alone will be faithful to their Lord.

Check the motives of your heart. Examine your life to see if there is any wicked way within you. Invite the Holy Spirit to come and pull up every root that is not a planting of the Lord. He will do it. He will come and uproot wickedness from your heart, cleanse and heal, and impart His life into you.

He will do the work that needs to be done. His love is great and His mercy endures forever. Invite Him to come and change you into the image of the Son.