For My Name's Sake
Patsy Shelton
Oct 19, 2003

Everything that I do is motivated by the love that I have for My people. But, I also have another motivation and that is for My nameís sake. I am not a man that I should lie. I am a God of righteousness, integrity, honesty, and I am always found to be trustworthy. Great is My faithfulness. This is my reputation, and these are the things that I am known for.

My people are to be witnesses of Me, and that means that they have a responsibility to honor My reputation. That means that My character should be formed in them, and displayed through them. My people that are called by My name, should be found motivated in their actions and their words to guard My honor, and to be beyond reproach for My nameís sake.

Oh, say many say that it is all about Me, with never a thought of how their actions are dishonoring My reputation. There real concern is not about Me, but about themselves. My eyes are going to and fro over the earth looking for those that are motivated in everything thing that they do, and everything that they say for My nameís sake.

If only, I had a people that were really only concerned about the fact that otherís see Me through their lives, even in the smallest things. If only, I had a people that were more concerned about My reputation, and less about theirs. Then truly the word would begin to be fulfilled as My word is made flesh through those that are called by My name.

Oh there are those in the midst of My people that want to be a part of the five-fold ministry. They want to be Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Preachers and Teachers, and yet they are not concerned with My reputation. There are even more concerned with positions and they lie, steal, and cheat to attain these titles. They have no, or little, integrity and it blasphemes My Holy name.

The word commitment is foreign to many of these. Commitment to them is saying one thing and doing another. Doing what they want to do, rather than what they promised that they would do. They donít know what it means to keep their word, and be steadfast in their actions. They are neither concerned about their reputations, and have no regard for mine. Their actions even cause Me to be judged, for these are the people that are called by My name.

I will expose the hearts of those that hold their reputations so dear, and I will reveal those that honor Me for My nameís sake. Watch now as I raise up a people, that I will be honored to say that they are called by My name. Their every motivation will be to bring glory and honor to their God. Their concern will not be on themselves, but they will always be conscious of raising a standard for others, and bringing honor again to My name. Oh, I am raising up a people that will be held in high esteem in heaven, because they hold their God in high esteem in the earth. And these shall be witnesses of Me, and My Kingdom.

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