For Those That Are Struggling
Patsy Shelton
Apr 6, 2004

A Word For Those That Are Struggling

So many of My people are struggling with things in their life. Have I allowed these struggles? Yea, I have, saith the Lord God. There is a strength and agility that comes as My people work through their struggles. It is like unto the butterfly that is still in the cocoon. As it matures there is a vigorous struggle to break free of the cocoon that encompasses it. Were it not for this struggle it would not have the strength in its body and its wings to fly when the cocoon burst open. It would be weak, crippled and would eventually die.

It is a part of the overcoming process that each of My children must go through. I carefully watch over each one as they gain this much needed strength that comes forth from the struggle, and I gently whisper words of encouragement to assure them that I am still with them. I said that I would never leave them or forsake them, and in the midst of their struggles I make Myself known to them. I will speak to them through the voice of many waters ,yea even through My people,. those that hear My Spirit and allow Him to speak through them to bring words of hope and encouragement.

In this place the battle rages as the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Speaking to the hearts and minds of My people words of discouragement, failure, and yea even death. And he also has emissaries that speak for him to cause fear, doubt, and unbelief to rise up in the hearts of My own to try to steal the victory that My Son died for them to have.

In your weakness I will be strong, but the struggles have come to birth within you a strength and agility that you need to go higher than you have ever been before. As you struggle like the butterfly in the cocoon know that you will break forth with new life and a power and strength that you have never known before. It will even carry you to greater heights, a new anointing, and greater works than My Son did you will do. The struggles will cause you to know your God, be strong, and do exploits. You will emerge from your struggles with strength and agility beyond anything that you have ever known.