Great Days Ahead
Musa Opiyo

Great things are in store for those who wait upon Me. As it is written Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has in store for His Beloved. Beloved I am calling you to a higher place in Me. In this realm of the Spirit requires you to be constantly living in faith, as in constantly stepping out IN faith to do the things that I have commissioned you to do. You will worship Me in a whole new way as I become the center focus of your life. My children, it is to My Holy Mountain that I am calling you to. To commune and fellowship not only with Me but with your brethren. From this position you will soar to new heights in the Spirit. My Joy shall overtake you even as Elijah overtook King Ahab by foot. The window of My blessings will open and the abundance of My blessings will come forth., but with it wisdom from on high. This is a new time, a new season. There shall come from within you such a magnitude explosion of My presence that souls will look at the light that shines from within and they shall run to you desiring what you've got. There, I shall give you the utterance and the words to speak to draw all men unto Me.

Great are the days ahead. The prayers of many of My saints and intercessors has risen up like incense before Me and this has moved Me to work on their behalf. You are much aware of the gross darkness that has covered the people, but My people, a people after My own heart, purchased by the blood of the Lamb, shall experience days of unprecedented glory and resulting from this shall be the great harvest of many souls.

Wait patiently and with anticipation for My coming. As the maidens waiting for their Bridegroom to arrive in the midnight hour, prepare in My presence and have your lamp fully ready to burn and ignite fires for Me. For in these last days the signs of My coming have increased. You see them all around you even in the news, world events, attitudes and behaviors of men, but to you My people, I say, keep yourselves pure and undefiled from the mess of worldliness, for My grace is indeed sufficient for you, says the Lord.