The Greatest Days Are Just Ahead
Patsy Shelton
Nov 7, 2003

Ah, saith the Lord God, there is about to come and explosion of My Spirit. And, My Son is coming; yes He is coming, to be the Good Shepherd to His flock. And in this hour I have raised up new leadership and they will acknowledge His Lordship and the government of the church will be upon the shoulders of My Son. And these that I am about to catapult forth will lead My people by still waters, and into green pastures. In these there is no manipulation, or control. They will gently lead My people again by the way of the cross. They will even take the hands of those in My flock, and lead them through the cross and into the resurrection life that I have ordained for them.

Also, these will think more highly of the flock then they do of themselves. They have servant’s hearts, they will even serve on their knees and they will see themselves as the least in the Kingdom, not as the first. They are David’s; yea I am even sending forth those that have the heart of David. They see themselves as servants and not as kings. They seek only My heart, and they seek only to please me in their serving.

And I will be in the midst of them, and this explosion of My Spirit will be in their midst, and I will do a quick work, saith the Lord God. For I am hastening and quickening all things that My Kingdom may be established upon the earth. For the coming year will be one of darkness, and dread will even fall on the hearts of those that are not mine, but My Glory will shine so brightly through My church that I have birthed into the earth and men will run to it and say, “What must I do to be saved?”

And I have raised up ministers and ministries to bring healing and restoration to My Body. Yea, they have even walked through the valley of the shadow of death, but by My Spirit I have breathed life into them, and they will impart life to My Body. The religious system has lied to My own, and told them there was no healing balm. Yea, and even told them if they had sin in their life to “admit it and quit it,” not knowing how to take the axe to the root. And this religious system is sick because the axe has not been taken to their roots, but yea, they have even covered their sin with the Blood of My Son. But all things that are covered are being exposed. And they have heaped coals upon the heads of My own telling them that they have to forget their past, and put it behind them, so that they could continue to control and manipulate My own. I swear by myself, saith the Lord God, that the lies of the religious system are coming to naught and there is a liberty and freedom coming to My own.

There is fire in My heart, and there is fire in the hearts of those that I am raising up. They are overflowing with My presence and My Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and freedom. Do you hear the freedom bells ringing? Can you see the culmination of all that has been prophesied by the Prophets is manifest ting in the earth?

It will seem like in the twinkling of an eye, that everything has changed. As I did in the days of old, when one kingdom was destroyed, and another raised up. Oh, I am on the move, saith the Lord God. Preparation, I have worked diligently in this year to prepare My own for this time. I am a God of order. How could I destroy one kingdom without having prepared another to take its place? The transition is nearly complete, and the time of man’s kingdoms falling is neigh at hand.

In this coming year, saith the Lord God, you will watch with your eyes as even the kingdoms of this world, crumble and fall. One by one will I crush and destroy them, as I did in days of old. For I am coming with a sword in My mouth to right wrong’s, to exchange justice for injustice’s, to cause My people to be the head and not the tail, and to set My righteous one’s over finances, kingdom’s, and nations. Oh, that which I am about to do will cause the ungodly to tremble as they see My Spirit move across the face of the earth. Did I not say that the knowledge of the Lord would cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea? Ah, I am about to make Myself known to all mankind, to every kindred, and every nation.

My own are no longer sensing this great move of My Spirit, but they are feeling it. They are even being taken up in the spirit, and although they are walking on the earth, they are walking in heavenly places. This wind of My Spirit has moved them out of the natural and into the supernatural. He has become the wind beneath their wings.

Eyes of revelation. My own have been given eyes of revelation. Not longer are they seeing with the carnal eyes of their soul, but they are seeing as I see, and they know as I know. And they will be both known, and know what is the perfect and acceptable will of God. No longer will they go to and fro seeking My will, but they will know My will in every aspect of their lives, and in the lives of others. And when they pray, I will answer with signs and wonders, because they know My will in all things. They perceive My Spirit in all things. The scales have fallen off of their eyes, the blinders have been removed, and they see clearly now. These have attained a depth of intimacy that no other peoples or nations have ever known.

Ah, saith the Lord God, the darkest, but the greatest days are just ahead. It is in the darkness that My Glory shines the brightest. It is in turmoil, trouble, and tribulation that man, kingdoms and nations called upon the Living God. They will call and I will answer, and I will bring all things again unto Myself. This is the ordained time, and this is the season of the greatest move of My Spirit that man has ever seen. And I have prepared a people to make My name known in the earth.