Guard Your Hearts and Guard Your Relationships
Patsy Shelton
Oct 3, 2003

Matt. 10:16, 16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

My people not only need to guard their hearts, but they also need to guard their relationships. They must know those that labor among them, for there are wolves that come to distract, distort, and lead My Chosen ones out of the way everlasting.

Oh, I would not have My people be skeptical, but discerning about joining their hearts to others. Not all that come, come in My name, nor have I sent them.. But, they come with their own agenda, and it is to move My Chosen from My will for their lives. I would have like hearts, joined with like hearts. I would have those that understand covenant joined with others that understand covenant. These are the relationships that I have ordained.

Therefore I warn My people to allow relationships to develop in order for the fruit in a personís life to be seen and developed before they join their hearts to others. Did I not say that you would know them by their fruit? Fruit doesnít instantly appear on a tree. It develops, and it grows. And in the maturing process the fruit can be judged, as either good, bad, or wormy. So, it is with relationships.

When I am in relationships there is love, kindness, goodness, forgiveness, devotion, and loyalty. David and Jonathan had such a relationship. Their hearts and souls joined together. Protecting and loving each other regardless of the cost. But, bound together because of their understanding of covenant.

Watch now as I raise up covenant relationships among My Chosen. But guard your hearts, and guard your relationships. I would have you gentle as doves, but wise as serpents. Discerning even those that are to be joined to hearts and souls.