Patsy Shelton
Aug 9, 2003


August 8, 2003

This morning a dear, dear friend, Brenda Davis (ministry address and I were talking by email. After awhile, she was heavy under the anointing and she said He was giving her a vision of the Glory Cloud bursting.......Then He began to to speak to me in a Word and interestingly Brenda would send short emails of what He was saying to her. As I typed the word below, I found that He had incorporated much of what He had said to her , phrases, etc. into this Word. How awesome of our Father to confirm to both Bren and I what He was saying...

Olivia Long


My Glory is about to fall. It shall fall on the rich and poor alike. It shall fall on all races and nationalities. It shall fall on the strong and the weak. It shall fall on My Faithful Ones those who have humbled themselves and staid the course set before them. The heavens are opening and My Glory is coming down over and through My Faithful Ones and you shall see My shall see healing .... you shall see blessings.... you shall see clear evidence of what I am doing and you shall experience joy unspeakable as My Glory falls.

I have asked and asked My own to search their own hearts and to be ready but many have not headed my call and many still see this as a "some-day" happening and have become complacent in their walk with Me. Haven't I said to be Holy as I am Holy? Beloved, this is NOT a "some-day" happening, it is a NOW thing and for those who 'have' heeded my instructions they shall see My Glory Cloud coming down.

I AM a God of incredible love, mercy and compassion and I have offered every opportunity for you to rid your hearts of anything which is not of ME. Wanting what the world wants and acting like the world acts. To the ones I am speaking to, you know this is true .... in your hearts - you KNOW this is true, but your walk has been of Me 'and' the world. This cannot be....haven't I said ....Seek first the Kingdom of God and all the rest will be offered unto you? I have shown you and you have not listened and now is the time when the heavens are opening and My Glory Cloud is coming down and My Glory shall fall on My Faithful Ones, those who have heeded my instructions and as Israel of old, I shall cover them by day and by night and I shall lead them to where they are to camp.

I have spoken to you of this time and My true living stones have heeded My instructions and are ready. But many have rejected my urgings to abstain from your fleshly lusts which wage division with your spirit. You have rejected My command to return completely to ME, rejecting complete change in the walking of your old ways and the ways of of the world. For those who have heeded My commands, you shall behold My Glory in this day of visitation.

Satan has laid some very clever traps for My beloved at this time, seeking to get your focus off ME and onto your circumstances and other people, keeping you busy with all that is going on around you. Traps, he has been setting traps for you and you must turn around and focus on ME. I know it has been very difficult for you and thus far you can only see that the balance of power has been with satan but I say unto you this day, that the Balance of Power has shifted!!!! I have said "Enough is enough." Now you shall see what Your God can do!!!

This is your time, My Beloved, the time you have been waiting for, the time of promises fulfilled because of trust In Me. Even at this moment, I am showing you that you have nothing to fear, because your trust is truly In Me, not man, nor yourself. Even the times that you wobbled and fell, I was there to pick you up and set your feet back on solid ground. This is the time for those who seek only Me and not men nor men's desires, to realize that My promises to you are Yes and Amen. This is the time for My faithful ones to go into the highways and byways and feed my sheep. This is the time!!!

This is the time for My Glory to inhabit my humble and faithful ones, My true living stones. You shall see My Glory Cloud descending. Although you have gone through much pain, tests and tribulations on this path, you staid the course determined to see it through.... Yes, you have had your problems but I saw your problems LONG BEFORE you did!!!!! And I had an answer to every one of them. Obedience, even through all your pain, you have remained obedient to ME and obedience, you will see is truly better than sacrifice.

MY SON, the HOPE OF GLORY!!! You have waited so long for this moment and it is here. Behold My Glory Cloud is descending. I granted Moses a vision of My Glory, but it was only fringes of My Glory that passed by him but even this was enough to radiate upon his face. And as Moses, you shall radiate My Glory not only on your face but throughout your entire being. Up to this moment, you have seen through a glass darkly, but now you shall see Me face to face in All of My Glory ....And the brightness of My glorious face shall shine......

"As an eagle stirs up it's nest, hovers over it's young, spreading out it's wings, so the Lord led them." Duet. 32:11

My Shekinah Glory, all that is ME, is hovering over you for My visitation and My Glory Cloud shall come down and overshadow you. You have always trusted My grace at the cross. You have seen the salvation of the Lord, but My desire is to GLORIFY ME and I placed that desire in the hearts of My faithful ones and "worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing." (Rev. 5:12)

My Cloud of Glory shall settle upon My faithful ones and anyone around you shall know you are My dwelling place on earth. Those who have known you will be hard pressed to even recognize you because of My Glory. But they will know, THEY WILL KNOW. My Glory shall inhabit My faithful ones who have gone through hell on earth to walk the path set before them. NOW you shall shine !! ... and as My Glory Cloud led My children of Israel, it shall lead My glorious beloved for the Glory of the Lord shall fill My Temple.

Churches, home meetings, even alone in your homes, you have seen a bit of My Cloud of Glory hovering over you, but nothing even remotely to what is to appear upon the world...... Yes, there is darkness coming over the earth ..... BUT also.....................there is MY GLORY.... on which do you choose to focus? Choose carefully your answer this day....... for:

Behold, the heavens are opening and My Glory Cloud is Coming Down..... And the Glory of the Lord shone round about them ..... LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE, LET IT SHINE !!!!!!!!!

Olivia Long