Higher Ground
Patsy Shelton
Oct 26, 2004

This has been a year of great test, trials and tribulations, saith the Lord. But, now saith God, I am going to move My people to higher ground out of the valley and into a higher place. I am the potter, My people are the clay and this has been a year of shaking and breaking so that I might reveal to them the affections of their hearts. The affections of the heart are of great importance to Me, saith God, for I am a jealous God.

In this year I have exposed and revealed all of the areas of their lives where their affections were not toward Me. I even allowed famine to come into their lives because their trust was in the strong arm of the flesh and they were not looking to the Holy One of Israel. I have taken them out of their comfort zones and made them uncomfortable and in this uncomfortable place they have found comfort only in Me. They have found provision, just as the children of Israel did in the wilderness, when I provided what they needed on a daily basis. Forsaking the systems of the world and taking hold of Me.

I have tested their hearts to see if they would be faithful with the little that I had provided for them. How can I trust My people with abundance if I cannot trust them with little? A new compassion has been birthed in the hearts of My people because of the leanness of this year. These hard times have caused them to be aware of the needs of others because of the famine that I have brought them through. There are those whose hands have been open to the poor and the needy despite their own needs. I am calling My people to sacrificial living and giving. I will not release the wealth of the wicked, those that are called by My name, into the hands of the greedy but I will release it to those that will establish My covenant in the earth. In this year the hearts of My people have been turned concerning finances and to these I will release the wealth of My wicked servants. I will release wealth to them because My heart trusts in them for I have tried and proven their hearts. They will be conduits of My finances in the earth. They will empty their pockets and I will fill them again. There will be a constant flow to them and through them.

Relationships have been tried and tested in this year. I have exposed and revealed the hearts of men and have separated the clean from the unclean. Many of My people felt rejected because of this separation but it was at the hand of a loving God. I have separated My people from relationships that were not healthy and I have divinely connected them to others with like hearts and minds. How can two walk together unless they agree? There is a unity coming to My body because of this separation and re-connecting.

My own have learned to count it all joy in all the tests, trials, and tribulations. They have learned to praise Me even in the darkest hour knowing that their praise raises them up above their situations and circumstances and into My presence. They have learned to be content in whatever state that they have found themselves in knowing that even there is an enemy to contend with that I am in control. Because they rejoiced in the midnight hour they have experienced Me in new and wonderful ways. Seeing My hand even in the little things.

Oh saith, the Lord God, it has been a year of preparation and training for higher ground. Now, I will raise My own out of the valley and they will begin to ascend to higher ground, saith the Lord.