Patsy Shelton
Aug 13, 2003


I am doing incredible things in the lives of My people. I have opened the floodgates, and My promises are about to overtake them. I am opening doors, and I am closing doors. And the new doors that I am opening will cause you to stand and be amazed. I am taking My people into the next step of their destiny.

Oh what an incredible journey we are about to take. I am going to open doors, and as I do you must run through, for the doors of opportunity open and close quickly. And the doors that I am opening will even open other doors, and those doors will open other doors. And some will be in a constant state of entering into new phases of their ministries, and their lives.

And many of these doors will open through divine connections, and supernatural encounters. For I have moved people, places, and circumstances around for My people. I have moved some out of the way, so that others could move in. I am rearranging, realigning, and putting in place everything that is needed for this move of My Spirit.

And each new door that I open for them will be a great place of growth and fruitfulness. Not only for those that are making this journey, but also for those that will be touched by these, along the way.

And as I open these doors of opportunity, and you enter in, everywhere your feet trod you will posses the land. You see this is the inheritance to you from your God. And My favor will rest upon them, as they never believed possible. For these have obtained the favor of their God, and they will have favor from man.

Watch now as I do these incredible things. Allow you heart to swell with anticipation and excitement for that which I am doing, and that is even manifesting now. Watch as I open doors into new territory, and unchartered waters. The land before them is theirs to possess. These are the heirs of salvation, promises, and I am releasing them into their inheritance, by closing doors, and opening doors. Oh, these are doors of destiny.

And with each new door that you enter there will even be an increase in the anointing, and the giftings that are within you to fulfill the purposes of your God. There are gifts that some have not operated in, but now in this season, of closing doors, and opening doors, I will mature My people, and all the gifts will flow. They have attained a sensitivity to My Spirit, and they will hear His voice, and He will bring the gift in them that is needed for every situation, and every encounter.

Watch now as the doors opening into the “new thing,” will begin to swing wide open. Enter in, enter in, and you will never be the same again. Doors of opportunity opening wide.