Patsy Shelton
Aug 8, 2003

I am raising up again the Prophets, like the Prophets of old. Those that will fast and weep bitterly over the words of judgment that I speak in their ears. Prophets that will take no pleasure in the words that I give them to speak forth to a rebellious people, but they understand the responsibility of the office, and the responsibility of the calling, and they will obey the voice of their God.. And just as it breaks My heart to have to chasten the rebellious house of Israel, so it will also break their hearts to have to speak forth the words of rebuke, correction, and reproof. They will speak forth My instruction, direction, and guidance. And if My people are straying to the left or to the right, I will send them to bring all things into proper alignment, according to My will.

And these that I am raising up will function in the fullness of the office, and it will no longer be watered down to please men. Oh, you have not seen them but they are being brought forth in this season, and in their mouth you will find, “Thus saith the Lord God.”

Not only will they speak that which I have spoken in their ears, but even as the Prophets of old, the supernatural will be revealed through them even signs and wonders. Did not My Prophet Elijah beseech me for the life of the widow’s son, and I heard him from heaven and as he stretched himself upon the boy three times his soul was returned to him. The Prophets that I am raising up, because they know My heart, and seek My heart, I will hear from heaven, even as I did for Elijah, and I will answer them, and great miracles will be wrought.

These I will endow with the power and authority that rested upon My Son. They will speak boldly to, and against the religious spirits of this day. They will call down fire from heaven, and it will come. Even the elements of the physical realm will be subject to them, as it was in days of old. They will not speak or act of their own , but only that which I have spoken in their ears, and that they have heard in their heart.

Seers they are, and seers they will be. They will walk as My Son did with the ability to see into the heart’s of men. And to speak forth words that will turn some, break some, and even make some. They will see and discern the gifts and callings upon the lives of others. They will see and say, confirm, and even cause destinies to be launched forth as they recognize and call out that which I have purposed to be fulfilled in the lives of My people.

They will judge circumstances and situations from My prospective, and with My heart. And they will discern and make clear the meaning of the dreams that I give to My people in their slumber. For they have insight into the symbolism of the night season.

The office of the Prophet will become honorable again. They are the tool in the hand of a Mighty God that I will use to bring order, and to keep order, not only in the lives of My people, but to My Body as a whole. They are the rod that I will use to separate and divide, and they will be the vessels that I will use to bring again the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Watch now as I bring forth Prophets that have the foundation of the old, the revelation of the new, and the wisdom and knowledge to cause the two to flow together as one. Oh what a marvelous thing I am about to do in this season of restoring all things to Me. Watch for the Prophets of God, My word will be in their mouth to manifest life where there was death, provision where there was lack, and all My gifts will be manifested in them, and through them.

Oh a new breed on Prophet I am raising up. Watch now as they come forth in the fullness of the office and calling.