I Am Tearing Down the High Places and Healing the Soul of Man
Patsy Shelton
Nov 19, 2003

I am bringing My people to a point of seeing that the works of their hands is futile, without My power and My anointing. I am bringing them to the end of themselves, so that they will realize that there is a deep, deep work of the heart that must be done. Some have even seemingly hit a brick wall, and know that they cannot go backward, and cannot go forward until there is a deep work in their hearts.

The church has covered the wounds of My people, and they have scabbed over. But, the scab has been removed, and now there are gaping wounds that are being exposed. Even the enemy has said, ďAha, even the ancient high places are possession.Ē And the ancient high places are the elevated conditions of the mind that have created attitudes, preconceived ideas that has locked my people into the way that they see themselves, and that they see others.

But the time has come, saith the Lord God, that I will heal the gapping wounds and then the high places will no longer belong to the enemy. I have come to set the captives free. But, before they can enter into that freedom, first their broken hearts must be healed.

I am releasing an anointing to break these yokes, and I am raising up those that are healed in their mind and their emotions to minister to the hurting in My Body. My Spirit is upon them to preach the good news to the broken hearted and to proclaim to the captives, and the opening of prison doors to those that are bound. Where are they bound? They are bound in their emotions. They are bound by the hurts and disappointments of the past. Ah, saith the Lord God, even as Lazarus was called forth from the dead, so I am calling forth those that are the walking wounded, and they are dead, and still bound in their grave clothes.

These deeply wounded in My Body are going to raised up into resurrection life. All that has been hidden and covered by years and years of pain is about to be exposed, that it may be healed and closure brought to their wounds, bruises, and scars. And many have denied the existence of these wounds, because their logical minds have covered up and over compensated for the hurt that they could not bear. This has become a death shroud, a blanket that covers and denies.

As I have been exposing and revealing the motives of the hearts of My people, now I will expose and reveal that which has been covered, but is still bruised and bleeding. Now, I will become the Great Physician that not only heals the physical being, but that heals the inner man, even the soul. These are walking on in darkness, but the light of My love is about to expose, touch and heal that which has keep my people bound in their souls.

I promised that I would restore the souls of My people, even their mind, wills, and emotions. And that which the enemy has laughed and scorned my people about, the area of the emotions, which is his playground, I am taking it back. I am going to remove the grave clothes, do a great work of healing, and set My people free. For they are in bondage in their souls, just like the Hebrew children were in bondage in Egypt.

How will I do this great work? I have those that have healed hearts, and I will send them forth to heal other hearts. They will fulfill the great commission. They will bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to those that are captive in their mind, will, and emotions, and then the prisons doors of those that have been held captive will open and they will be set free.

I am releasing healing oil. Healing oil that will make My people whole from the soles of their feet to the tops of their heads. This anointing will not flow from the top to the bottom but will begin at the feet and go to the head.

This is a finishing and a completing work that I will do in the midst of My people. For I am the author and finisher, and I will finish the good work that I have begun in the lives of My own. I will draw them to the bleeding side of My Son, so that the healing anointing of His stripes will bring to them, deliverance, healing and prosperity. I will it that they prosper, even as their souls prosper. This work that I am beginning will bring prosperity to their souls, and to their lives. They will even prosper, after this great work, in the things in heavenís store. For there is much that has not been released due to the emotional sickness, and disease of My people.

Ah, saith the Lord God, there are glorious days and glorious times ahead, for those that yield to this great work of My Spirit. They will come to totally surrender their lives to the plans and purposes of their God, and they will not hold back but freely they will give the realm of their souls for My habitation.

The realm of the soul is between the spirit and the body, the innermost part of their beings. Until the soul comes into submission, their can not be total yielding to My Spirit, and it is the wounds, bruises, scars and the ancient high places that stand in the way. Now, saith the Lord God, I will inhabit the spirit, the soul, and the body of My people, and they will become to me a Holy Habitation. They will be My people; I will be their God. I will write My laws on their hearts and give them a new spirit, and they will serve Me with joy and gladness in their hearts, for I will remove the hindrances and the baggage that they have carried around for years.

Rejoice, oh ye people, for I am releasing a healing anointing that will free the soul of man.