I Am Unfolding The Mysteries of The Ages To This Generation
Patsy Shelton
Oct 20, 2003

Not Only do I have a people that are in season and out of season, but I have those that perceive the seasons of their God. There are those that have allowed their natural senses to be yielded to the realm of the spirit. They have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a nose that discerns My Will far beyond the natural realm. They are tuned in and turned on to what the My Spirit is not only saying to the church today, but also what My Spirit is doing in the natural realm.

In the past it was called the quickening of My Spirit, when spiritual things were known but that too will change in this time of transition. I increasing and fine-tuning all the senses of My people, and revelation knowledge is about to increase, as well as the ability to perceive. It will not longer be a quickening of My Spirit, but receiving from their God heart to heart, face to face. I am unfolding the mysteries of the ages to this generation.

No longer will it be as it was in the past when My Spirit came upon My people, but some have attained a depth of intimacy with Me, and these will receive new sight, new sounds, and new discernment because they have learned to live in My presence. They will receive of Me face to face. They have learned to transcend this natural realm, and live in the realm of the Spirit.

And as these are seeing, hearing, and discerning they will be standing before My throne and receiving revelation that will dispel fears, defeat the enemies of their God, change the course of lives, and cast mountains into the sea. Because they are living in My presence, they will know and be known. They will be in this world, but no longer in this world.

And I will send them forth and they will speak what they see, repeat what they have heard, and they will discern My will in the earth today. Oh, some will say that this is impossible, and that it is heresy that there would be those that would live in the presence of God. But, time has culminated, and even since the Garden of Eden this has been My plan. To again have intimate fellowship with man without boundaries, limitations, or hindrances.

And these are so lost in My presence that they will be every moment conscious of My presence, and they will every moment hear My heartbeat. Oh no, these are not those that are so spiritual that they are of no earthly good. Just the contrary, they are so lost in Me that they will cause My Kingdom to be manifested upon the earth. They are simple, and meek, hearts so tender toward their God, and His people.

They will even be as My Son, who said, “I can only do what I see My Father doing.” These will have no agendas, no programs, and no plans of their own. When they pray for the sick they will see the answer, and pray accordingly. They will not pray ritualistic prayers, but they will pray what they hear My heart saying at the time that they are praying. They will discern what My will is in situations and they will speak it into the physical realm, and My power and My anointing will be on them, because they live in My presence.

These will be connected to Me in such deep intimacy that they will think My thoughts, and they will know what I am thinking. A new breed of people I am raising up, and they will walk upon this earth, and the kingdoms of darkness will tremble in their presence. And the religious will even fear them, for these will see into their hearts and reveal the darkness therein. To these I will reveal the hearts of men, for they will see what I see, and they will say what they hear me say as they are standing before me.

These have been ruptured into the presence of their God, but they will walk upon the earth. Did I not say that My people would rule and reign with Me in heavenly places? The time is now, and there are those that have ascended to the Holy Hill of the Most High God, and are standing in My presence.

These are not spiritual super stars but ordinary people, which have worked out their salvation with fear and trembling. These have been through the fires of affliction, and refined to be fit for their Master’s use. They have sought My face, and not My hand. They have allowed Me to polish the siftings in their lives that I might be glorified in the earth.

Watch now as I call out and bring forth, those that have been raptured and are living in the ecstasy of My presence.