Olivia Long

So many of My Beloved have been crying out to ME and seeking My face as to the pressures and times you have been going through and you have looked for 'reasons' - but I say to you .... Set your sight upon ME and Rest In Me - do not 'toil' to look for reasons but "rest in My presence."

I have your life and your purpose in My hands. I have the power and the ability to place you in the place I have ordained for you. As I carry you into that higher place, KNOW that I WILL do ALL that I have promised! You have been obedient to My calling and you have been obedient to My work, even with the sands of adversity swirling round about you. Do you think that I would forsake you or abandon you now? Many are swimming in a sea of financial problems ... Many can only see a big debt with no way out. Many are in dire need of a healing... I am a miracle working God do you not think that I have the resources to turn you around? Do not fret over finances for greater will be your testimony of how your God delivers and provides. Believe that I heal now as I always have healed. Everyone will see what your God can do. Your God is greater than the largest debt you can imagine or the greatest of disease and sickness. Your God is greater than ANY problem that is currtently besetting you.

Know that I AM close and not far away. Continue to stand on the Words which have been spoken over you. Do not allow the enemy to steal them from you or your hope for I AM your hope, your refuge and your strength. All will be done by MY hand that the I AM shall be glorified. The only thing that you must do is trust in ME as I will perform your miracle and I will do it quickly, for none of My Own will be ashamed.

The eyes of your Lord move to and fro, seeking those who would serve Me. Seeking those who would truly follow Me and give ALL to Me. As I sought, I saw you saying ... "Here am I Lord, a vessel empty and ready to be filled with You." I have emptied you still more, cleansing you and filling you with Myself. I have been making you ready. Ready for the work I have called you to do ... a joint heir and servant ready to move into the place I have called you to go.

Rise up and be alert for the very circumstances and opportunities that you seek are presenting themselves, having the potential of bringing GREAT CHANGE into your life. You will never be the same! Seek My face and yield to My plans. Have I forsaken even one of My chosen? No, I have not forsaken even 'one' of My chosen - you have gone through the fire "for Me." I have been purging and making you fit for My chosen vessel and you have not been forsaken or abandoned.

There is a great breaking forth as everything is lining up for "your day", the day for which you are longing. What the enemy has used to attempt to destroy you - I AM using to perform the miracle that will be your testimony. Beloved, I extend to you, MY PEACE, take it - the peace that I have given you as your sign that I AM bringing forth the miracles that you need. Take My Peace, the peace of KNOWING that I have heard each prayer, each cry and each pleading now KNOWING that I AM answering each of your cries for help.

FEAR NOT - that I will not do as I said I would do. FEAR NOT - that I will not meet your every need as I have promised. FEAR NOT, that I will not keep My Word to you. FEAR NOT, My Beloved child, for I AM always with you. Through 'every moment of your life', I AM there with you. I have given you the love and support that you have needed to make it through the most challenging of times and you will always come through 'whole and well.' Where-ever you go, I AM right there with you. Your destiny In Me is at your door and I shall provide every need. -The road ahead may challenge you but you are more than capable of meeting and overcoming any obstacle in your way. If ever you have a doubt - let My wisdom be your guide.

Beloved, I AM a vast God. My vastness so supercedes all that you can imagine. That is why you can't fully comprehend what I AM doing and will continue to do in your life. My ways and thoughts so supercede your thoughts and ways, seeing the beginning from the end and I AM never too late, but always on time. FEAR NOT - My chosen one, for I AM RIGHT ON TIME IN YOUR LIFE. You have been moving into a new realm of the Spirit. You will now see new manifestations of My Spirit. You will have a new understanding in the Spirit in a new and powerful way. I AM your source and you will comprehend Me as your source as never before. I AM your source and your power, it comes from ME, saith the Lord and I AM bringing change into your life. A change that will be seen by those around you. Just as I wrestled with Jacob, you have been wrestling with your God, and I have changed you. As you have said "I will not let go until you bless me", I AM BLESSING YOU! My Word says "IN D! UE SEASON", this IS your season and time. You have sowed in faith over the years and your due season is here.

Arise, My child, let no condemnation come against you, for there is no condemnation for those who are in ME! Feel MY FAITH flooding over you NOW!!! I AM coming in 'like a flood' and driving away your enemies and "ALL who have risen against you shall fall to the ground." I will satisfy all of your needs and there shall be no doubt that it is the I AM who is leading you! Faith has opened the door and you shall be far from oppression - you shall have MY heart and My heart is for you and the lost. Do not look to feelings as feelings will lie - look to ME knowing I AM giving ALL for My Beloved. Stand firm on everything that I have already spoken to you, knowing that the I AM ALWAYS fights the battle.

Precious in the sight of your God is My child who puts his trust in ME. You have put your trust In Me, entrusting me with your very life and everything that pertains to your life. You are precious in My sight. Have you trusted in vain? I say No, My child. I HAVE NOT FAILED YOU AND I WILL NOT FAIL YOU! You have trusted Me for all and now see ALL come to pass!