I Have Put My Scroll Within You
-Susan Cummings
Patsy Shelton, Host
Sep 18, 2004

I have put My Scroll within you. You have been given your portion of My Word to speak forth. When I placed it there, I told you that you would go and speak forth My Word and see what I would do. That time has come. It is time to prepare to move, and to go, and to do My Will.

Much has been given to you, and much has been placed within you for the days ahead. You haven't always understood the call, but you remained trusting Me anyways. That is why I can use you. You have not denied My Name. So many quit, after they don't get what they want out of the deal, and when it doesn't please them. But you remained faithful, even when it cost you greatly. I see your pain. I know your struggles. I hear your cries. I birthed every one of them.

The burden of My Word is growing within you. The cry will get so great within you, that you will trumpet forth the Word, and sound the alarm, and strike the earth with My Rod. Yet, you fear to trust that what you have within is you enough. I AM the Living Word, child. It is Me that is within you. I AM enough. What I have placed within you, is Myself. I am coming out now.

I AM the Word upon the Scroll that is now being unrolled. I AM revealing Myself to men upon the earth. I AM the Living God, whom they have rejected. I will be seen by men, and they will mourn for their beloved, whom they have turned from, but I will not receive them, as they did not love Me, nor would they turn to My Ways.

MY Word is their judge. My Truth has always been the Righteous Standard, and it still is. It is raised up for all men to see, and those who are Mine, stand under My Banner. I have given time, and more time, but still men go their ways, and now they will see and eat of that tree.

Never think that you are without excuse. For even My Word judges you. But you asked Me for Grace, and I extended My Hand to you. My Blood covers you, because you received My Grace to embrace it. Remain close by My side, and obedient to My Voice. Those who are Mine, and who now walk away from Me, to go after their own ways, will be forever separated from Me, from now on. For the Hour of Grace has lifted. Now is the Hour of Travail. For the birthing has begun.

Multitudes are in the Valley of Decision.

The cries of travail have begun.

Multitudes cry out for My Justice from beneath My Throne.

Multitudes cry out from the dust of the earth, as their shed blood reaches Me to it's fullest.

The cup is full.

The Righteous cry out for souls. The Incense rises before My Throne, and stirs My Heart.

The cries of warning have also gone out to the ends of the earth.

The cries of the Trumpets now sound forth.

You also must cry out. For you have been given My Word. It has become a part of you, and cannot be separated from your path anymore. Each step you take, will release another portion, and each day you obey, will reach another soul for My Kingdom. Delay no more.

Trust the Word written within you. I will do what I have given to you to bring forth, for it is Me, that will be seen and heard. I AM being seen in My People once again. Do not doubt or fear, but move forth, and it is My Voice behind you that you will hear. I have given you your portion, and your field to reap.

Step through the door.