I Will Be A Father To The Fatherless
Patsy Shelton
Nov 13, 2003

Ah saith the Lord God; I am doing a deep work in the lives of My people. I am exposing and revealing the roots, even from childhood, that have bound My people to their past, and kept them from entering into their future. These lifeís experiences have even kept them from entering into intimacy with their God.

Those that have not had a father cannot relate to Me as their father. Did I not say that a bastard could not enter into the congregation of the Lord? A bastard is a child without a father. These among My people have nothing to relate to, so how can they see their heavenly father? They also have spent their lives trying to find their identity, and they cannot see that they were created in the image of their God because they have no reference point.

Then there are others that have had fathers that were abusive, critical and judgmental, and these live constantly under a cloud of condemnation. They are not able to receive My love, grace, and mercy because they think that I am always displeased with them no matter what they do. And this has produced a religious spirit in the hearts of these. They are all rules and regulations and void of love, understanding, grace and mercy.

I also gave instruction to fatherís regarding their daughters not to wound them with their actions, or their words. Why? Because I knew that the land would fall to whoredom, and the earth would fall to whoredom. The lack of a fatherís love in the lives of My daughters has caused them to look everywhere for that which I intended them to receives from their fatherís. And they have become sexually promiscuous for want and need of a fatherís love, even the natural affection that should have been given to My daughters.

Did I not give instruction to fatherís not to provoke their children to wrath? I am infinite wisdom, and in My wisdom I knew that these children would judge and hate their fatherís and become a prey for the enemy of their souls, opening them up to demonic influences.

I am tearing down walls, and I am tearing down the barriers that have blinded My people to who they are in Me, and who I am to them. Did I not say that I would be a father to the fatherless? And I will pour upon the wounded of My people the grace to know me as the father that their fatherís should have been. I will reveal myself to them, and I will love them to life.

How will I do this? I have prepared surrogate fathers and mothers in My Body that will represent me in the earth. I will turn a generation, from ungodliness to godliness through these. I will heal the deep wounds, bruises, and scars left on their hearts by their fathers I will bring them by the way everlasting.

I will pour out, upon these that were deeply wounded by their fathers, My grace and mercy, and give them the ability to forgive and to forget those things that never should have happened to My children. I will love them with an everlasting love, forgive their sins, and cleanse them of all their unrighteousness. I will be a father to the fatherless. I will bring these lost sheep of the house of Israel into the Holies of Holies, and they will see Me face to face, saith the Lord God.