Shirley Lise

My ways are higher than your ways, My thoughts higher than yours. Those things you are experiencing are for a purpose. I purpose to bring you into the full revelation and counsel of God. You will see Me outperform any performance by the enemy.

I have not left you or forsaken you. I have not left you without hope. Hope in God and you will see the promises come to pass. Trust in Me and you will see that I have all things in My control. Hope is not far from you. Hope is what links you to Me. Hope is found in Me.

Help is on its way. I will establish you upon the heights and blow apart any attempts of the enemy to confuse you. I will make it clear that I have given My angels instruction concerning you, to lift you up and move you forward, and nothing can slow you down.

Be alert, always intercepting the attacks of the enemy. Understand that the battle rages, but I have already declared victory. I have already silenced the enemy and made a way whereby My word shall go forth from sea to sea. This is the day of battle, but shout the victory, for I have triumphed over every foe.

Press into Me and do not be pressured by those around you. Stand firm in your commitment to serve Me and I will fight for you.