From Minister Teresa Seputis


Some of My children make a much bigger thing out of their inadequacies, short comings and wounds than I do. They look at that as a disqualifying things, fearing that they have been disqualified and discarded as "damaged goods." I tell you that this is not the case, it is not how I operate.

Child, I am in the business of healing and restoring. Haven't you read in My word how I promised to bind up your wounds?* Do you think this is a hard thing for Me to do? I say to you child, it is not.

I will bind up your wounds and heal you. I will transform you from within, that you might become new in Me. I don't just cover up problems or issues, I remove them completely from your life and I break their power over you. I make you sparkling clean, just as though you had never been damaged or dirtied in the first place.

I don't want you to learn to tolerate or live with torment or oppression, I want to set you completely free from it. I am not looking for you to conceal your shortcomings, instead I want to strip them off of you and remove them completely from you. I want to place My own Spirit and My own glory and My own love upon you in their place. Where you have been wronged in the past, I want to empower you to do good to others. Where you have been in captivity, I will not only set you free--I will also make you a warrior who breaks that same type of bondage off of others, who sets them free from the oppression of the devil.

I have destined you to live in victory and joy and peace, and to walk close beside Me. Do not fear the wounds of the past, for I am breaking off their power to torment you in the present. I am also breaking off their power to influence you in the future. I am pronouncing My healing and My deliverance upon you, and it shall surely come to pass. I am brushing aside very inadequacy that the devil would accuse you with; I am putting My Spirit within you and I am putting and My anointing upon you.

Do not dismay, child but trust Me to do this in you. You long for an instant deliverance but many times I work through a process, over a period of time. Yes, it does take time, but growing and maturing also take time. This is really no different, I am simply growing you in your emotional health and stability. I am doing a good work in you, and I am healing your wounds and setting you in a place of victory.

You shall surely overcome through Me, for I am able to do this for you. Yes, child, I am already restoring you, and I will not stop doing so until I have completed this process in your life. Look up and rejoice, for I will fully heal your wounds and set My glory upon you.