You Must Look Beyond What You Can See
Susan Cummins
Aug 30, 2004


You must look beyond what you can see. There is no answer for you among men. You must take your eyes off of your desires and begin to focus upon Me.

Your struggle comes from relying upon your previous relationship with Me, and your idea of how I used to lead you and work through you. That has all changed. I told you that I was bringing you forth into the new.

I showed you that I have come in a new way and I am here to stay. You must know that it will involve you letting go of the old relationship with Me, and re-learning of Me all over again. Why? Because I am always moving forwards and never remain the same in My dealings with earth and men.

You have camped long enough. If you continue to try and work out your solutions by what you see, and what you know, and what worked before, then you will fail miserably, and will be overcome by the struggle and will deny that you even heard My Voice and knew My hand was in it. You even now doubt your relationship with Me. You must look beyond what you can see.

All that I have spoken to you, and shown you, has indeed begun. But you have allowed yourself to begin to walk it out with the old ways and ideas. Let it go! Do not look back anymore! You must press forth and break out from your mold and safety. You will not be safe in your thinking, but must abandon your ideas to Mine. If you do not, you will lose all that you have birthed forth. You will abort the destiny that I have brought you into.

I am killing off everything that you have trusted, relied upon as true, looked to for support, and knew as a foundation. There will be no other support system between Me and you. Either I am everything or I am nothing to you from now on.

All must die, and be put upon the altar, and given totally to me, then you must absolutely trust Me to work out your Life, MY WAY.

It will not be like you think. It will be as I have ordained for you.

It will not be when you think. It will be in My timing for you.

It will not be how you expect it to happen. It will be My Choice for you.

It will not be a crutch to you, for you will not be able to lay hold of it and put your faith into it's workings. For I AM your GOD, not the works I bring forth!

I AM fully able to provide for you, lead you, and teach you. I have done it since you were created, and I will continue till you come home to Me. So, stop taking My Portion, and start walking in yours!

Begin to see through eyes that are set apart unto Me, and trust Me. Let nothing come between Me and you, and jealously guard your heart. Look higher, unto Me, and don't go your own way, but remain at My Feet, and you will see what I have now begun.