Word submitted for your discernment By Yolanda Ballard

Sep 24, 2004

Like a cool breeze I AM refreshing you. As you seek My face and not My hand, I will provide for you. Take My word deep into your heart and stand faithful for I AM calling you to be My end-time ambassadors of Truth to the nations. I AM calling you to remain faithful no matter what circumstances that you face.

These are the end-times, and you need to be able to stand, to remain firm without wavering, rejoicing that all things work together for your good. How do you know that you are faithful to My word unless you are tested?

I want you to examine your heart and your circumstances at this moment, and see what you desire most. Does your spirit cry out for more of My intimate presence or are you allowing your flesh to rule and reign because of temporary suffering? You have the choice to seek out that which will comfort the flesh or you can take your time to seek My face dwelling close to Me in My secret place.

Rejoice, My people, for I AM preparing you causing you to look to Me moment to moment for your comfort and strength. And as you seek My face, I will give you the wisdom to step out by My guidance to gather together all your needs.

So no matter what circumstances that you face, you can choose to give the devil a black eye by rejoicing in your heart that he cannot take My presence from you. Rejoice that no matter what the enemy tries to take away from you that you are going to turn around and rejoice and worship Me knowing that I AM faithful and that My word is true for I AM in control. Look to Me and see what I will do for suddenly I can turn it all around and multiply My blessings to you.

I promised the abundant life full of prosperity and health but you must dwell in Me with a pure heart. Bless others. Yes, lift your brother even over yourself. Commit all things into My hands. Let go and allow My ministry flow through you to prosper, for only those things you commit to Me will dwell in safety. I will only prosper the fruit of My hands, and all else I will destroy.

I send a warning out to the pastors to be truthful and do not scatter the flock for you will reap what you sow. In this time of testing I AM examining the fruit of the heart of man. Do not yoke yourself with the deeds of unrighteousness. Keep your heart and mind pure, and I will bless you, for I AM your everlasting Father and the true Shepherd of the flock.

I will gather the remnant under My wing and give them a time under My refreshing grace for the battle has been long and hard but you do have My victory. Use this time to be refreshed, for what the enemy means for harm I will turn for good.