My Chosen Ones
Patsy Shelton
Oct 13, 2003

My chosen ones, are those that hold My heart every so gently in their hands, as well as the hearts of others. They are not only sensitive to My needs and desires, but they are also sensitive to the needs and desires of others. They are ever conscious of My presence, and have become a Holy habitation for My Spirit. These will do Me good and not evil all the days of their lives.

What an awesome responsibility it is to be trusted, and to trust with oneís heart. What an awesome thing it is to be motivated by the heart of God. To move, and live, and have their being, and to move with the heartbeat of their God. These are My chosen one. They know the times and seasons, and they perceive My will in every situation. They no longer see from an earthly perspective, but they see with the eyes of revelation, and they see through with My eyes.

They didnít choose Me, but rather I choose them. I picked them up out of a pit of destruction, and set their feet upon a rock. There have been years of preparation and training for these My chosen ones. They have been tried in the fires of refining. They have been subjected to persecution for that which I have instilled in them. They have weathered storms that most would have buckled under, and run away. But, the storms that have come and gone have made come into a new depth of My heart. They have counted the cost, paid the price and laid down their lives for their God, and for their brethren.

My chosen ones have spent seasons in the wilderness, seasons in the valley, and seasons on the mountaintop. They have relinquished all their rights, and recognize only their responsibility and accountability to the Living God. They cannot be swayed by the ways or words of man. For they have an assurance, and a confidence in the God.

Oh at times they appear to be obstinate and opinionated, and others judge this as being pride and arrogance. But, as I live saith the Lord God, they will not be moved or swayed from that which they know is truth for well they know My heart and well they know My Ways. And because they will go against what seems to be the flow, they are criticized and condemned. But, it matters not to these what man thinks, or what man says, for they are lost in the heart of their God. Nothing matters to My chosen but to flow in the river of God, and to be pleasing in the sight of their God. They look not unto man for approval, and even find disdain in those that do.

I have hand picked them for such a time as this. I have prepared them through trials and tribulations, and they have overcome them by the word of their testimony, and the blood of the Lamb. They have come through deep, deep waters. Tried and tested in every possible way, and found to be faithful. And they have held My heart ever so gently in their hands.

Watch now, as I call out and bring forth My chosen ones. Watch now as I make them known in the earth. For I had hidden them in the recesses of My heart, but now it is time for them to be made known in the earth. You will know them not by their deeds, but by the fact that they hold My heart ever so gently in their hands.