My Church, the Lamb's Wife
Patsy Shelton
Aug 17, 2003


The forerunners that I have prepared for this time will be much like John the Baptist, in that they will appear to be radical, and not flow in what in the past has seemed to be the normal mainstream. I am going to rock religion to it’s very core. And I am going to release revelation that will enable My people to take their new step into the “new thing” that I am doing.

It will be difficult for some to make this transition, because they are leery of anything that is new, and fearful of being deceived. So, again you must look for fruit. The fruit which is produced in the lives of these forerunners that are walking in a new place in their God, and in the realm of the Spirit. And that which I have imparted to their spirits, which I will now release into the earthly realm, will bear fruit to those that have an ear to hear what My Spirit is saying to the church today.

Yesterday is gone, and I am bringing these that have matured in the things of their God, to the forefront and they are going to boldly declare that which they have learned as they has sat at My feet, many for years in solitude, and learned of Me. I have prepared a people for this time that will cause the face of the church to change, and once again the church will rise up in the glory that has been upon it in times past.

Establishing, I am establishing My church in the earth today, and in the past there have been seasons of My Glory in the church, but they were fleeting. But, now I will establish the church, the bride, even the Lamb’s wife, having the Glory of God and she will be as a beautiful diadem in the hand of her God.

And the Lamb will be the light in it, and there will no more darkness, but only the light of His life will be in it. Who will enter in, and who will live in the light of My Glory? Those that are doers of the word, that have kept My commandments, and walk in My Ways, and upon these revelations will I build My church. And to these My Son will become the King of kings, and the Lord of lords. And no flesh will glory, but the glory and honor will be given to Me, and Me alone.

Watch now as I establish in the earth, My church, the Lamb’s wife. Watch now as I bring her forth through the joining of the Apostolic and Prophetic callings upon these forerunners who will be as radical as John the Baptist, but who will be confirmed by their fruit. Ho, these are the days of the church age, the church that I have birthed, and My Glory will not depart from her.