Patsy Shelton
Aug 21, 2003


I am putting My hand to the plow, and I am plowing up the fallow ground of hearts. For some I am closing the doors of their past, and opening the doors of their future, their destiny, their plan and their purposes. I am planting seeds of wisdom and revelation, and even the hidden things, long with held from My people, I am about to release.

Ah what an awesome time this is when as never before, I have a people that have ears to hear what My Spirit is saying to the church today. And the transition that My people are in is like unto the motion of many waters, for virtually everything is changing at one time, and quickly now will those things that I have spoken be manifested in the natural realm.

I am weaning some from the milk, and preparing them to be able to partake of the meat. There are those that are capable of ingesting the meat of My Word, and I am about to give them more. Oh, you are about to enter into a new season, saith your God.

This season will be will no other that you have ever experienced for within the confines of the season you will find joy unspeakable and full of glory. A joy that is so incredible that it cannot be voiced in words, only uttered through laughter and sounds. My people will find themselves drinking the new wine, and being intoxicated with My presence. My love, My provision, and My plans. So intoxicated with Me that nothing, no nothing else will matter.

Oh, there is gross darkness coming to cover the face of the earth, but all that I have said, and all that I have done has been in preparation to cause them to soar far above anything that they see with the natural eye. There are those that are no longer earthbound, but have ascended into the third heaven, and they are no longer going in and out, like a revolving door but they have found the place of abiding in the presence of a Holy God. Oh, and these are not touched by the things of this world, nor does the enemy of their soul have any hold on them, but I have marked their foreheads, and I have given them a new name.

Oh what a wonderful day, and oh what a wonderful place to have found to be living in the presence of a Holy God. And there are those that will take others by the hand, and they will say, “Here I will show you the way. The way into His presence, and the way into His Glory.” And realms of My Glory I am opening up. I have never done this before without constraints. But now in this day, and now in this time I swing wide the gates and open wide the doors to the Glory realm.

Tell them that they have not been this way before but it is the appointed day, and it is the appointed time to enter in. Change, change, change. Change is coming again into the lives of My people and this change will come in leaps and bounds, and it will not tarry for I have ordained it.

And oh, once they have experienced this place, they will be changed forevermore. The cry of their hearts will be more God, give us more. And as they cry out to me, I will give them more, and yet still their hearts will not be satisfied. Oh, this is a place where longing cannot be satisfied, but is only intensified. A yearning, a longing, beyond belief and passion that drives the heart of man.

The things of this world will not grow slowly dim, but they will totally disappear from the hearts of these. Engulfed in My presence, lost in My Glory, their feet will walk upon the earth, but they will live in another realm. It is a place where the supernatural is natural, and as I take their hands and We walk together in this newfound place, the supernatural will flow through them, and into everyone that they touch. It won’t have anything to do with them, but everything to do with Me.

These will be called the Saints of God, and everyone will know that they belong to Me, and that I belong to them. Take hold now, for things are about to speed up at an incredible speed. Watch now as I bring these that are abandoned to Me, and they will live in the Glory Realm. They will soar into realms of My Glory, and be lost to the flesh, the world and it’s ways, religion and the traditions of man and they will show forth My Glory in the earth. Ah! Ho! Hey! Hey! This is the day when these that I have prepared will live in realms of My Glory. To them now I say, “Come on in, Come on up! I have plowed up your fallow ground, and the seeds that I have planted, watered, and nurtured have sprung forth, and you have grown up in the things of your God, and into the realms of His Glory! What a day! What a time! My heavenly gates are opened wide. Come on into My Glory.