Patsy Shelton
Aug 16, 2003


There are those that have developed an intimate relationship with Me. They have sought My face and not My hand. They have waited up their God, and now I will endue them with power from on high. These are even My mature ones. My heart trusts them that they will do me good and not evil all the days of their lives. They are emptied out of self, and their only desire is to see My Kingdom established in the earth.

They have no desire to be seen or heard, but they are a people that are in season and out of season. They have emptied themselves out, and they are filled with My Word, My Ways, and their hearts desire is to do My Will. They have come to the place of being at My bidding, and they have said, “Here am I Lord send me!.” And send them I will.

These are not spiritual superstars, but ordinary people that hear the voice of My Spirit, and obey His voice. They will move only as He directs them, and they will not function or operate out of the realm of the flesh. For you see their flesh has been crucified, and I it is no longer they that live, but My Son that lives, moves, and has His being in and through them.

They will change the face of the church, as I send them forth, because My manifested presence and power will flow through them. A power that will change, power to transform, and power to transfigure the lives of those that they come in contact with.

They will walk in this power not only in the church setting, but it will be manifested through them in their daily lives. They will walk as My Son did, full of the Holy Ghost and power, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. There will be a constant flow of this power through them, even a flow that cannot be stopped.

There are those that have been transformed in the image of My Son, and they will walk upon this earth, as He did. Watch now, as I call them forth, make them known and send them forth Wherever they go My word will be spoken, My will made known, demons will recognize them, My presence manifested through them, and My power flowing from them.

Watch now as these that have hidden themselves away with Me are brought to the forefront and confirmed by the signs and wonders that follow them. Now I send them forth.