My Holy Order
Patsy Shelton
Sep 24, 2003

There is so much confusion in the hearts of My people. Like a swinging door. The door swings one way and they enter in by that door. Then the door swings another way, and they go that way. I tell you that I am bringing those that hear My voice into a sure place. It is a place of surety and safety. No longer to be tossed to and fro, but established in their going in and their going out. No longer led by their emotions, but led by My Word.

A place of being led by My Spirit, but confirmed through My Word. I am not a man that I should lie, and I would not have them led astray into confusion and chaos. Hearing and obeying that is the word for this hour. I will even cause them to be like a calf in a stall. They will not wonder to the left, nor will they wonder to the right, but they will walk the narrow path that I have ordained for them.

In this hour My people must have an ear to hear what My Spirit is saying today. Intimacy with Me will bring fine-tuning to the ears of My people. How will they know what My will is for their lives if they listen to man, and not to Me? How will they know what their destiny, purpose and calling is least they hear it from the Throne of their God.

There are many that have been placed in positions, which I did not ordain for them, but they were placed there by man, or by their own choosing. And in this place there is confusion and chaos. So, I call them out, and I call them into the place that I have ordained for them. When My people are in the place ordained for them by their God there is peace, and there is joy, and there is love. If these ingredients are missing then the place where they are standing is not Holy ground, and it brings confusion and chaos.

My people have made many assumptions against Me in believing that I would bless them wherever they are serving, but My blessing comes as hearts that have listened and learned what I have ordained for their lives, function in that place. I always confirm destiny, purpose, and calling. As I bring things into My Holy order in this hour watch as I move some out, and some in. Watch as I set all things in My order, and do away with the order of man.