My Movers and Shakers
Patsy Shelton
Oct 7, 2003

So many of My people have settled for second best. They have been content to accept things the way that they are and not press in for the best that I have for them. But, I am looking for those that will be “movers and shakers.” My eyes are going to and fro the earth to find those that have set their face like flint, and they will accept nothing but My perfect will for there lives.

It is not a day, and it is not a time for to say “thy kingdom come and thy will be done,” but it is a day to know My will in every aspect of the lives of My people. It is a day to know My purposes, plans, and destiny for the lives of My people. It is a day to move forward, and into destinies that will set things in order for the grandest move of My Spirit the earth has ever seen.

My Kingdom is coming, and My will is coming forth into the earth. The kingdoms of this world are becoming the Kingdom of their God. And I will have a kingdom people that know their God. And I will begin to move them into places of Kingdom authority, and positions where they will raise up disciples that will also be the “mover’s and shakers” of this day. They will have heavenly authority that will move heaven, and shake things in the earth. They will cause those the religious systems to tremble, as they see these “mover’s and shaker’s” move through the land. And demon’s will recognize these, even as demon’s did in the days that My Son walked upon the earth, and they will cry for mercy, because of My manifested presence in My “mover’s and shaker’s.”

They will walk in an authority and anointing that has not been seen in the earth in day’s past. Oh, this is part of the new thing that I am doing. Watch now as those that have crucified their flesh, relinquished their souls, and yielded their spirits go forth in the earth to move heaven and shake the things of the earth.