My People Are Entering Into A New Era
Patsy Shelton
Oct 27, 2003

My people are moving into a new era, and it is time to look back. Yes, there is a time to look back in retrospect. Not to look at personal failures or shortcomings, or the faults of others but to examine and to understand what I have done, or more appropriately what I have been accomplishing.

The seventh year was a time of entering into the Sabbath Rest. How I have diligently worked in the hearts of My people to cause them to cease from their works. Drawing and teaching them to step out of themselves and into Me. Leading and guiding them out of works that are to Me, wood, hay and stubble. Teaching them how to co-labor with Me, and lay aside their own agendas and plans. It has been a difficult time of dying to the flesh, and learning to walk in the spirit.

My people have not understood that there is even a rest that I desire to enter into. How My heart has longed for this time when I have raised My people up into a maturity of service to their God, where I have touched them, trained them, and taught them. A place where they will flow with My Spirit, and they will flow in the anointing without constant supervision. But they are free to be who and what I created them to be. They have been through the fires of affliction, and persecution. They have submitted to the Refinerís fire, and they are not suitable for service to their God.

I have diligently worked to tear down the doctrines of man, and replace it with the wisdom of the ages, and filled their beings with the truth that has set them free. I have removed the high places of their minds, and mindsets have been forever changed. I have served at My table revelation that man has not tasted before. And these have feasted upon every word that has preceded from My mouth. They have ingested it, and digested it and spoken it forth without thought or regret, knowing that they would be mocked, and scorned for that which I had them speak. But, in spite of it all they pressed in, and they pressed on no longer having a need for the approval of man, but only needing to be pleasing to their God.

It has been a time of release. Releasing all past debts, not only that which they owed, but that which others owed to them. Releasing those that had done them wrong. Releasing those that both purposely wounded them, and those that wounded them not discerning that they were heaping coals upon their heads, and deepening existing wounds. Repentance has brought them before My holy hill, and now they stand before Me with pure hearts and cleans hands. Their hearts and their hands having been cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb. Oh, they have been washed whiter than snow.

It was a time of purifying, trying, refining, and perfecting their lives for service. A time of making My law honorable again, for man had even discredited it, and distorted it to fit their own pleasure. It has been a time of separating and dividing, the holy from the unholy. A time of teaching, through revelation, My ways that have even caused these to enter into the abundant life that I have promised My people.

Manifold blessings. I am now releasing manifold blessings into the lives of these that have been tried in the fires of affliction. Increase in all areas of their lives, even a double portion. My people has sensed it, and even smelled it, like the smell in the atmosphere when it is about to rain. And the rain is coming, and there will be showers of blessings. For I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek Me.

So look back at the growth that this seventh year has brought. And if My people will look back at where they were, and where I have brought them to they will rejoice and give glory to their God. Great growth has come through the agony, the pain, the struggles, and yes even the temptations to curse their God, and be offended with the Most High. Oh, the fires of purification have brought forth a people that do not smell like smoke, but permeate the sweet fragrance of a crushed rose. Broken and crushed lives that have even caused them to enter into the Sabbath Rest. They are lost in My love, and I am lost in theirs and they have become a Holy Habitation, and I can rest in them.

Oh look back My people and rejoice, as I am rejoicing over the fragrance of lives that have been crushed, broken, and restored. A people that will now lead others into My Sabbath Rest, and into a new era.