My People Will Speak With Me Even As A Man Speaketh With His Friend.
Patsy Shelton
Jan 14, 2004

Exodus 33:11, 11 And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friendÖ.

Oh the purification process of the Bride has far greater aspects than what My people have realized. And going far beyond just raising up a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. The process of purification, sanctification, and consecration has been for the purpose of reviving again the Royal Priesthood. A Priesthood that would stand and minister before My Throne day and night. Living in the presence of a Holy God.

We have come full circle. The old ways that have been watered down, and dispelled by religious spirits, as an attempt to cause this New Morning that has dawned not to break forth with itís glorious light. But it has broken through, and it has dawned. Yet, it is still in an infant stage, and yet there is much growth to take place before it breaks forth in all of itís revelation and glory. When this New Day comes to maturity it will be as the noon day sun. Bursting forth with all the glory that heaven holds, but upon the earth and upon mankind.

I will once again speak to My people face to face as I have done with so many of My servants of the past. There will no longer be one- way conversations, but there will be communication. Intimacy that will allow My people to walk with Me as Enoch did. My people will call and I will answer, and we will speak face to face as a man speaketh to his friend.

No longer will My people ask and then wait upon the answer, as in the past. But, they will call and I will answer them. In the here and the now. They will stand before My Throne and we will reason together. No longer will they have to seek Me for My will in circumstances and situations, because in this new place of intimacy, standing face to face I will make My will known to them. There will no longer be any time, boundaries, or distance between us.

There are many among My people now that can close their eyes, and they are instantly standing in My presence and before My Throne, and we will have discourse. And I will lend My ear to what they say, just as I did with My servant Moses. They will speak and I will listen. I will speak, and they will listen.. And I will even make decisions based on what they say, just as I did with My servant Moses. Such also was the relationship that I had with My Son. He would close His eyes, and be in My presence. Did He not say that He could only do what He say Me do? He was on the earth but in My presence. So it will be again.

A holy union that will spring forth in this New Day, and this New Morning that has dawned into the earth. A time and a thing that has not been for many generations past, and even then available to only a few. But, now the gate has been unlocked and the door has been opened to the sons and daughters of the morning, even the Royal Priesthood. At any moment and given time they will stand before Me, and we will speak face to face as a man speaketh to a friend.