My Power and My Glory
Patsy Shelton
Nov 6, 2003

Ah, saith the Lord God, can you not feel it? Can you not sense the change in the air? Do you not feel the change in the atmosphere? There is electricity in the air. My power and My glory are descending upon My people. My power and My glory being manifested through the natural man.

My people you have never seen these days before, and you have never lived these times before, as My power and My glory simultaneously are being released into the earth. Oh these are the days of signs and wonders. These are the days of My power and My glory in the earth. Oh, the earth is going to be covered by My Glory.

And upon whom is My power and My glory descending? Upon My servants, My people that I have redeemed by My great power, and by My strong hand. And they will run to and fro on the earth doing great exploits for My name’s sake. Ah, the soulish realm no longer exists in these, for they have been through the dying process, and have been resurrected into the life of My Spirit.

These are those that have ascended to My Holy Hill, and are standing in My presence. They have learned the secret of abiding in My presence, and they will only do what they see Me do. There is no self will left in them, but rather their only concern is that My will be done in the earth. They will move in a new liberty and freedom that they have not known before, as both My power, and My glory descend upon them.

There have been long seasons of preparation for these. Long seasons of working out their salvation with fear and trembling. Long seasons of picking up their crosses and following in the steps of My Son. Long seasons of travail and groanings. Ah, but the awesome fruit that they will bear for the Glory of the Kingdom of their God. These count it all joy, as they look back at where they came from, and where I have taken them. And they will walk where angels fear to tread, and they will do great exploits in the earth.

Their lives, because they have been crushed and threshed on the threshing floor, will show forth the glory of God because I have brought them out of much darkness. Oh, they will be a reflection of My marvelous light, and they will show forth the praises of their God in the earth.

Oh My power and My glory is descending simultaneously in the earth, and upon the people that have chosen to lay down their lives for the gospel. And they will be the vehicles that will show forth My signs and My wonders in the earth.