My Still Small Voice and My Word
Patsy Shelton
Oct 1, 2003

There never has been a day, such as this day, when My voice must be heard among My People. There are many voices in the earth today, and all do not speak on My behalf, but they speak out of their own hearts, and out of their own knowledge.

Not every door that opens is a door that I have opened. My people must stop and discern My voice, and My will before entering what appears to be an open door. The enemy of their souls has snares and pitfalls, and areas of deception ready for My people to run through because it appears to be an open door from heaven. He will even play upon the desires of their hearts to pull them into his plan and his plot.

When I open a door, or when I give direction, they will know that they know, that they know. My Spirit will bear witness within their beings, and they will not be swayed because they have the inward assurance that I have spoken. They will not need confirmations, although I will send them through the prophetic words of the hour.

I have a people who stand strong and tall, and they know their God, and they know His voice. And they will hear Him say, turn not to the left, nor turn to the right. For I would not have My people floundering around looking for My will in their lives. But, I would have them walking in the assurance, and confidence of My inward witness. Walking through the doors that truly I have opened. I will always confirm My spoken word, through My written word. That is your safety and that is your surety.

As never before it is a time to fine tune their hearing, and as never before it is a time to seek out confirmations in My word. Even in the midst of total confusion, My still small voice may be heard, and it will keep you from the pits and snares of the enemy.

So many of My people are looking to others to hear, but they will go the way of the wayfarer. The will wander and be tossed to and fro, and even loose their way. To walk in the assurance of My still small voice, means that I will have to be known through My Word. I am not a man that I should lie, and I am bound to perform My Word.

My heart is for these to come into their closets, into the secret place, and learn to hear My voice. For My heart is to whisper into their ears, and lead them and guide them by My Spirit. I would not have them led by their own heartís desires, by lead and guided by My Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth. Then I will open doors, and they will be doors that will lead to My purposes, My plans, My Will, and My Ways, and their will be not disappointment or disillusionment.

Draw nigh, and learn to hear My still small voice.