My Thoughts Are Higher Than Man's Thoughts
Patsy Shelton
Nov 3, 2003

Isaiah 55: 8-9, 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I am bringing My people into a new realm of understanding, and enlightenment. My people are turning a corner, and I will lead them in a new direction. The old has passed away, and the new has partially been revealed but there is yet much revelation of My Ways to come in the midst of My people.

Some have seen on the surface of the things and the ways of their God, but as I live saith the Holy One of Israel, even this day My people are going to turn a corner, and I will reveal to them the deep things that I have with held from other generations. So I am this day calling My own to come out from among those that wish to stay firmly planted in the old, and come with Me as I lead them into a depth of the new thing that I am doing.

Little by little I have torn down, and plucked up so that I might build a new foundation for My people. A foundation of truth, and revelation that will even cause them to understand My ways that are higher than theirs, and My thoughts which are higher than theirs. I am even bringing them out of a time when everything they saw as a spirit, but in this time I will give revelation of the roots of that which in the past was perceived as a spirit. Did I not say in My word to take the axe to the root?. Dealing with spirits is not dealing with the roots. Oh there are those that want to chase spirits, rather than chase the Living God that sees and knows the intents and the hearts of men. Yea, I even know their thoughts, and I know the roots that cause them to have the thought life that they have. No longer will My people need to deal with the spirits in My people, but I will give them revelation regarding the roots.

I will tear down the high places in this season, yea even the elevated conditions of the mind. Even the thought patterns that have become mind sets. I will give revelation to My people that will cause these mind sets that have become strongholds to crumble and fall. Did I not say that the carnal mind is enmity against God? My people have dealt on a carnal level, and with the knowledge of the past. But, I say unto these, the times and seasons of their God have changed. Intellect will no longer rule and reign among My people. Knowledge is no longer a key for unlocking the minds and the hearts of men. There are no longer any pat answers, but there is only the voice of My Spirit that must be heard in every situation, and circumstance.

What glorious days these are that man has gone from visitation, to manifestation, to habitation. It is those that have yielded, and surrendered everything that they have learned, and all that they have been taught according to the patterns that man has created, that will know My thoughts, and My ways. My people that every moment, and in every situation lean not on the strong arm of the flesh, but lean on My Spirit that resides inside of them. They will not function or operate according to the ways of the past, they will not pray prayers that have become ritual, and they will not chase spirits. But, they will say, “Lord what about this, and Lord what about that?” And they will lean on the Living God in every situation and in every circumstance. And I will speak to these, and they know My thoughts that are higher than the thoughts of man.

A new breed and a new generation I am raising up. They will lean on the Lord their God for answers in every situation, and they will know My thoughts, which are higher than man’s. They will not walk in religious tradition, but they will walk in revelation that is imparted to them by My Spirit, as He whispers in their ears. And that which I whisper as they inquire of Me will rend the hearts of man, and the axe will be taken to the root. No longer will I deal with My people on an exterior level, but on a deep interior level. I will tear down the high places of ritual and performance, and I will have a people that walk in revelation that comes from hearing the voice of the Lord their God, and from knowing My thoughts which are higher than man’s.

Come now, as I call, come out of the old and into the new for My thoughts are higher than the wisdom of man.