Olivia Long

"And the Words of the Lord are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times." Psalm 12:6

The words that I speak to you are full and rich, they are as gold from My mouth. I speak no idle words for My words are alive and will accomplish whatsoever I intend them to accomplish. My Word became life and dwelt among you. My word is truth, so cherish My word, stand on it and walk in it as My sons and My daughters - knowing that not one empty word has ever been given to you. Each and every word has had meaning and is living.... Rely and trust My Words given to you seeing them as from My mouth and My heart.

Just as your hope was beginning to wane, I was there and I came through with revelation with My words. You are experiencing My Glory but from a distance. Very soon you will experience it beyond your comprehension of My Glory.
I have given you a taste and it has enhanced your appetite and desire of more of Me. Who can fathom My greatness? Only those I AM revealing it to and I AM revealing it to My Faithful Ones. Allow My greatness and My Glory to be your food. Feed on My Word like never before as you see new doors and new revelations opening unto you.

Although it seems you have been in the hold mold for so long, I AM moving you into the going forth mode. Going forth in My call and plan. Going forth in areas you have never envisioned or dreamed. Going forth to carry My Word. Going forth to be My representatives across this land. Going forth in this move of your God that will bring people to their knees with signs and wonders following.

There is a new and fresh anointing flowing forth touching those I have called. It is an anointing that will empower you to accomplish all that I have called you to do. An anointing that is flowing from the throne and it is flowing with grace, for My grace must accompany any word or ministry performed in the Name of My Son. It is by My grace that all things will be accomplished. You shall go forth in My Love, in My Power, in My Grace and in My Name. I AM giving you an "assurance" of your call and place in My plan as you have never had before! I have placed an exuberance within you in what I AM about to do, an excitement that you can hardly contain for you know the plans I have for you....You have sought to have child-like faith in your God and in My promises to you and as this child, you cry out "Is it time yet Daddy? Can I go now?" I say yes, yes, yes, for you will be fully clothed in My anointing, clothed in righteousness and you shall be ready to go.

Beloved, I have said of a certainty to you that My calling is SURE!!! And now Beloved, I AM calling you today to lay hold of and stand on EVERY WORD that I have given you as it IS a certainty! Clothe yourself with the whole armour of God. I have given you the Shield of Faith to ward off the fiery darts. Beloved remember that none of these darts can penetrate My faith and that your calling IS A CERTAINTY and it IS at hand, therefore - stand steadfast, courageous and strong.

Do you believe My Words are true? Are you walking in My faith? I have given each of you a measure of faith and My measure of faith is mighty and sure. My Words are more powerful than a two edged sword - Walk in My Word and in My Faith... Speak My Word IN Faith. See the mountains move because there is power in My Word.

Like never before I AM moving in My own, My Faithful ones. Like never before you will see Me moving. This is your season and your hour. I will move in your life like never before. You will begin to see the signs and you will know without a doubt that this is your time! Like never before, be ready! Like never before, I will speak words of instructions. All 'authority' has been given you in My Name. All 'power' has been given you in My Name. Use My Name to thwart the wiles of the enemy. Use My Name against sickness and disease. You have been given that Name and you must use it to see the results of the cries of your heart. In My Name, walls will fall and In My Name you shall arise from the ashes. The promises I have given you ARE SURE. As you speak My Words, see them become real, for My Words ARE real. I AM the God who cannot lie for I AM bound by My Word. My Word is yea - as you speak My Word in faith, believe and see it come to pass.

I AM a miracle making God. What I call forth MUST come forth. My Words that I have spoken in your life MUST and WILL come forth. Finances MUST come forth, healing MUST come forth, salvations MUST come forth, ministries MUST come forth because I have called them forth! By My Word I have called forth the season and the season is here. I have given you the authority to speak forth My Word, In My NAME and it MUST come forth.

Know that I AM in control, ALL things are under My control! My plan is perfect and as My plan for you continues to unfold, do not be afraid to step out as I lay that plan before you. I will provide all that I have promised. Your part is to step out and as you step out, the I AM steps in... Beloved, hear My Word unto you, there is an unfolding of My plan this day. My messengers have been released from the throne room with provisions and My plan. "They will come in unexpected ways.' I have been preparing you to receive what I AM about to deliver...celebrate, celebrate your new beginnings for now is the time that I AM unfolding My plan and direction.

This is the time! I have heard your cries. For many of you, you have been holding on by a thread, the thread of faith and hope, but this is the strongest of threads and because of your hope and your faith I will bring forth your desires. The groundwork has been laid and it is time to bring you forth. A place has been prepared for you and it is time to possess the land. Do not allow the enemy to steal any of what I would have for you, hold on My Beloved and hold fast to My Words spoken to you.

I AM a God of Integrity, therefore My Words are sound! I have spoken them over you in MY authority and in My timing now you shall see them coming forth to perform that which I want them to do. Beloved, I see you as you begin to arise... standing straight and tall, carrying the mantle of My presence and My light with you where-ever I take you. I do not lie and I do not waste My Words. What I say I will do, I will do! I WILL DO!!!! Hold fast to MY WORDS, hold them close to your heart for now you will see them come to past.