David Kloefkorn

Sep 12, 2004

It seems that with the coming of the fulfillment of the Priesthood that there is a renewed interest in a deeper prayer life. Not only looking inward to the Christ in you, but even more crying out to the Christ on high who sits at the right hand of the Father. Simply said it is that deep desire to be filled to over flowing.

Revelation of a coming bride, the elect, what might or might not happen, who you might or might not be it has caused division within the body and has set our sights on the future of which NO ONE knows the day or the hour. If we are not careful we might become top heavy. Christ said "Give no thought to tomorrow". What we need to set our sites on is today. "Today has enough trouble of its own". This is the living word the High Priest of our confession.

Prayer being the foundation of all things. It is what lies beneath and upholds all of the great moves of God. But more important it brings us into an intimate relationship with the eternal NOW the Christ on high and within. Through an abiding prayer life we are immersed in the former and latter rains. And filled from within from the fountains of the deep. This can only come about through face to face exposure.

We must know the Fathers heart and be filled with His love which is eternal."Behold {be aware, know, consider} what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us" How will we know that love if we don't know Him in the NOW. " Beloved NOW we are sons of God, and IT DOES NOT YET APPEAR WHAT WE SHALL BE: but we know that when He shall appear we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He IS. Not how He might be but "AS HE IS " {1 John 3:1,2}.

ABIDE in Him; that when He appears we may have confidence, and not be ashamed at His coming {1 John 2:28}. If we are so busy with what we might be how can we expect to know what we will be if we don't KNOW who we will be like. And every man that has this hope in Him purifies himself, even as He is pure {1 John 3:3}. So arise shine for thy light IS COME {Christ within} and the glory of the Lord is risen UPON {Christ from on high} you.

Psalm 25:12 - 14 tells us that "he who seeks, fears, reverences Jehovah He {the Lord} will instruct concerning the way he should choose. His soul will dwell in prosperity, his seed will possess the land, His intimate council is for those who seek, fear, reverence Him. And His covenant will He make known to them". We must as Rev.12:12 reveals to us "dwell in the heavens {in the spirit}". If not we will be subject to the latter of that verse. And time is running short.

Let us not take prayer lightly but daily leaving those earthly things behind let us enter into our closets and come face to face. We are not seeing the power of the spirit today. And this is directly attributed to time NOT spent with the Father. Quality time that we might be hewn out in and among the trees, that we might be set forth in an open place for all the world to see Christ as we become one with Him. We see this picture in the bulding of Solmans temple of which we are. "A city on a hill" not "a candle beneath the table".

" AND WHEN IT WAS DEDICATED TO THE LORD IT WAS FILLED WITH THE GLORY OF THE LORD THAT EVEN THE PRIEST COULD NOT STAND"{2Chron.5:14}. The vessal must be dedicated by coming to Him empty with the desire to be filled. That it may again be poured out. "To those who give in secret {give of themselves unto God} them I will reward openly" {Mathew 6:4}. And in this we will by His amazing spirit effect change. Then we can say in full assurance "My cup runneth over"

I submit the following to you form the late Andrew Murray's book "Absolute Surrender". If you are not familiar with him he truly was a man of prayer. And these are easy to spot in their actions and words it all speaks of and shows forth Christ. There are many false imitations that look and sound good but when you see and hear the real deal you know it. May the Lord bless you in your reading.

Absolute Surrender / This portion is from chapter 3
They set apart Paul and Barnabas, and then it is written of the two that they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, went down to Seleucia. Oh, what fellowship! The Holy Spirit in Heaven doing part of the work, men on earth doing the other part. After the ordination of the men upon earth, it is written in God's inspired Word that they were sent forth by the Holy Ghost. And see how this partnership calls to new prayer and fasting. They had for a certain time been ministering to the Lord and fasting, perhaps days; and the Holy Spirit speaks, and they have to do the work and to enter into partnership, and at once they come together for more prayer and fasting. That is the spirit in which they obey the command of their Lord. And that teaches us that it is not only in the beginning of our Christian work, but all along that we need to have our strength in prayer. If there is one thought with regard to the Church of Christ, which at times comes to me with overwhelming sorrow; if there is one thought in regard to my own life of which I am ashamed; if there is one thought of which I feel that the Church of Christ has not accepted it and not grasped it; if there is one thought which makes me pray to God: "Oh, teach us by Thy grace, new things" it is the wonderful power that prayer is meant to have in the kingdom. We have so little availed ourselves of it.

We have all read the expression of Christian in Bunyan's great work, when he found he had the key in his breast that should unlock the dungeon. We have the key that can unlock the dungeon of atheism and of heathendom. But, oh! we are far more occupied with our work than we are with prayer. We believe more in speaking to men than we believe in speaking to God. Learn from these men that the work which the Holy Ghost commands must call us to new fasting and prayer, to new separation from the spirit and the pleasures of the world, to new consecration to God and to His fellowship. Those men gave themselves up to fasting and prayer, and if in all our ordinary Christian work there were more prayer, there would be more blessing in our own inner life. If we felt and proved and testified to the world that our only strength lay in keeping every minute in contact with Christ, every minute allowing God to work in us if that were our spirit, would not, by the grace of God, our lives be holier? Would not they be more abundantly fruitful?

I hardly know a more solemn warning in God's Word than that which we find in the third chapter of Galatians, where Paul asked:

"Having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?"