Praise and Worship bypass Doubt and Unbelief!

Sandra Thompson
Oct 2, 2004

Do you ever struggle praying for a situation that is very difficult and near to your heart? Do you ever find yourself praying and then re-praying and actually hoping that God will answer? Doubt knocks at your door and you want to believe that God will be there and answer, but…"did God really hear me? Would He really change things around for me? I mean, God, this is very hard and I can't figure it out and….!" On and on!

Did you know that praying with doubt, unbelief and fear does little good? You want to believe but… "this 'thing', God, is so close to my heart and if I really leave it in Your Hands….well, God, will you really answer? I mean, it needs to be taken care of now, soon!" We get worn out and the more we struggle, the more doubt sets in, and we find ourselves loosing 'trust in God'.

Have you tried God's way? God says, "Seek Me with ALL of your heart and you will find Me!" "Trust Me with ALL of your heart. Don't try to figure your situation out! Lean on Me! Recognize Who I am. Praise Me and then I will direct your steps!"

I have learned a secret through these years of great struggle. I found out that God is the Answer to every one of my needs! Every one of them! God showed me that I must get ahold of Who He Is and Praise and Worship Him! This was so hard when my heart was so hurting and needing answers! But I learned that as I praised Him and acknowledged Him (out loud) for Who He Is, my confidence grew in Him.

Today, I know that every time I am confronted with a 'situation' that overwhelms me I must first of all lay my burden at the feet of Jesus, take my hands off and take time to Praise and Worship God! I may sit in my chair, put on some worship music, or read from the Word, or just speak out words of Praise to my Father. If I am at work and become overwhelmed, I take a little walk or go to the restroom and force myself to speak out words of 'trust and praise' to my Father. I do this until I find the 'confidence of Who God really Is' rising in my spirit!

You see, my friend, when we pray to the Father, we have opposition coming against us. We must get past that sphere of demonic influence and get to the third heaven where Jesus is! When you Praise the Father, acknowledging Who He Is, the demons have to flee! They can't stand our Worship of Jesus or the Father! So when you Praise and/or Worship God you will find your confidence growing as the demons are having to leave! If you do this long enough you will find yourself seeing things from the 'Third Heaven' perspective, that is 'God's perspective'. Your heart will began to believe that 'yes, nothing is impossible with God!' This is the time to pick up your prayer and call upon your Father, believing that, yes, He is fully capable of answering your every need.' This time your prayer will be different. It will be filled with confidence believing and trusting in your Father. Oh, how God loves to answer the believing and trusting heart! Try this! It really works.

This isn't something that you will learn just overnight. But you will find your prayers becoming so much more effective and you will not have to struggle to believe. Oh, you will have to struggle to take the time to praise and worship in your trial, but you will find it so worthwhile that you will eventually know the value of Praise and Worship! You will know that Praise and Worship bypass the path of doubt and unbelief!

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my firm, impenetrable Rock and my Redeemer!" Then "Call unto Him and He will show you great and mighty things which you know not of!"