Patsy Shelton
Oct 2, 2003

I long to hear singing in the streets, and I long to hear rejoicing from the hearts of My people no matter what their circumstances. I long to see faith arise not only in spoken words, but also in praises. I long to hear the voices of My chosen ones rejoicing over that which I have done that has not been seen with the natural eye. I long to hear songs from hearts that will move My heart on the behalf of those that are singing.

I inhabit the praises of My people, and in this hour, I am raising up a people that will sing, and make a joyful noise unto the Lord their God. Their spoken words of faith align them with My will in the earth, but oh when I hear the sound of their praise, then I am moved, My ear attends to this music that comes before My throne.

Many of My children, have hoped, have believed, but have not received. I tell you that not only do I inhabit the praises of My people, but also when a rejoicing heart is joined to a confessing mouth, I will move heaven and earth to manifest that which I have promised them, and that which they have believed me for.

Some make confessions with their mouths, but then they murmur and complain. Oh, how this grieves My heart. It is faith turned sour, just as milk sours when it is subjected to heat. The heat of the fiery trials reveals what is truly in the hearts of My people.

There are rivers of living waters in the bellies of My people, and this well will spring forth as they confess, believe that they have received, and rejoice by singing praises unto their God. Praise is a compliment to Me, and it thrills My heart, when I hear voices that raise My name above all else in song.

Line, upon line, precept upon precept, even a mystery and a secret I am revealing to you. Showing to My people what My heart desires from them. Giving them a secret of how to touch My heart, and move My hand.

Go the extra step that I am asking of you. Align your confession with My word, which is My will in the earth, believe that you have received, and sing. Sing a new song of praise to your God, for great things He has done. Sing of the wonders of glory that are reserved for this generation. Sing of the marvelous signs and wonders about to be manifested in the earth. Sing of the greatness of your God. Sing songs of adoration and love to the one that first loved you.

Even now My Spirit is planting seeds of songs in the hearts of those that need breakthroughs. Songs that will carry them over the hump, and into the promises. Songs that will cause heaven to come to earth to meet needs, and touch the lives of My people. Songs that will translate them from the midst of the fire, and into the heavenly realm. Earthly songs that will produce heavenly things. Oh, My kingdom will come as I hear singing.

Sing, sing, sing for I love to hear the voices of My people giving praise unto their God. The realm of heaven is filled with singing and songs, but I long to hear praises in song coming from the earth, ascending through the heavens, and lingering before My throne. It pleases Me when My people add singing to the confessions of the spoken word. Great battles will be won; there can be no room for murmuring and complaining when a song rises to heaven from the hearts of My own.